• 66% of First Year Students indicate that class discussions and assignments frequently include diverse perspectives in course discussions or assignments.
  • 82% of First Year Students indicate that UIS emphasizes the use of learning support services. (NSSE 2022)
  • 78% of Seniors rate their entire education experience at UIS as "excellent" or "good." (NSSE 2022)
  • 68% of students frequently have discussions with people with different political views, 78% frequently have discussions with people from a different economic background, and 83% frequently have discussions with people from a different race or ethinicity. (NSSE 2022)


Participate in Living Learning Communities

Our five learning communities cultivate positive environments that enable students to live together and learn with students who share similar interests.

From the moment you first step foot on campus, UIS offers a variety of courses and support opportunities to help you stay on track.

Develop your skills

Undergraduate Learning

Our general education courses enable students to explore a variety of disciplines and to develop their ability to discover, integrate, apply, and communicate knowledge.

Our Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) course offerings add a distinctive element the undergraduate experience at UIS and encourage a commitment to making a difference in the world.

Previous General Education course listings have been archived.

At UIS, your will have numerous opportunities to challenge yourself and deepen your engagement with learning. We offer a selection of high-impact opportunities that will expand your perspective, hone your skills, and prepare you for your post-university career.

Prepare to make an impact