Few fields have a broader scope and, perhaps, more career opportunities than sociology and anthropology. Learning about the causes and consequences of human behavior and the tools for effective cross-cultural communication are critical in today's global community.

Sociologists and anthropologists are interested in how people live together in this world, in our neighborhoods, across the country, and around the globe. We study people now and in the past, how they relate to each other, and all that they think, do, and make — food, music, families, nations, tools, houses, institutions. We are particularly interested in the way race, class, gender, sexuality, and other elements of identity affect people’s experiences and opportunities, and what can be done to promote greater social justice.

Core courses in the SOA major cover both disciplines, and students are free to specialize in either anthropology or sociology through electives or through a minor.

We offer an  interdisciplinary B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology as well as minors in Anthropology and in Sociology.  Students completing the B.A. in Sociology/Anthropology can apply to pursue the Honors Track.

Career Paths

  • Public Service/Government
  • Law
  • Education
  • Medicine/Health Sector
  • Social Work
  • Business/Marketing
  • Not-for-profit sector
  • Graduate school
  • Archaeology
  • Cultural anthropology
  • Criminal Justice/Law enforcement
  • Cultural resource management
  • Archivist/Curator

Dr. Lesa Johnson
Dr. Lesa Johnson, Associate Professor, Sociology

SOA Highlight: Dr. Lesa Johnson

New faculty member Dr. Lesa Johnson (Sociology) brings new research and teaching interests to UIS Sociology/Anthropology, expanding opportunities for students.

Meet Dr. Lesa Johnson


Interdisciplinary Major

UIS offers a major that combines the strengths and skills of both sociology and anthropology. This allows students to pursue careers or graduate school in either area.

Research Skills and Opportunities

Sociology/Anthropology emphasizes undergraduate research through skill development and opportunities to participate in individual and collaborative projects

Individualized Attention and Success

The department has an above-average graduation rate and excellent time-to-degree.

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