Our work continues stronger than ever!

We’re proud to report our 2020 successes, thanks to the unwavering dedication of countless friends and supporters. This past year, the Project:

  • Brought home FIVE innocent clients who collectively were wrongfully imprisoned 131 years.
  • Filed 27 requests regarding COVID concerns or for compassionate release on behalf of clients particularly vulnerable to severe illness or death as the coronavirus swept through IDOC facilities.
  • Received agreement from the court and/or state’s attorneys to DNA test evidence in six cases.
  • Opened and responded to 265 applications for assistance.
  • Sent CARES Act (federal stimulus) application information, including guidance on how to fill out the forms, to 43 clients.
  • Hired a part-time attorney to lead our Latino Innocence Initiative.
  • Worked with 10 forensic experts, three other innocence organizations as co-counsel and three law firms as partners on our cases.
  • Started an externship program with John Marshall Law School at the University of Illinois Chicago.
  • Spread awareness of wrongful conviction through 15 presentations to audiences such as law students, medical students, undergraduate classes and the community.
  • Began collaborating with the UIS Department of Social Work to serve the needs of our freed clients.
  • Benefited from the work of 31 students from undergraduate and law schools across the country, including: UIS; the universities of Emory, Illinois State, Indiana State and Yeshiva; UIC John Marshall; and law schools at Boston University, St. Louis University, University of Illinois and University of Iowa.
  • Educated 77 students (including 21 law students) about wrongful conviction of the innocent and postconviction legal work.
  • Held virtual educational forums for IIP students and staff, with guests that included U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, civil rights attorney Sam Adam Jr. and UIS Professor Vince Flammini.
  • Saw seven of our students graduate from UIS, with four beginning their journeys to law school.

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the public about wrongful convictions and reform our state’s criminal justice system.
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