It’s Wrongful Conviction Weekend …

The perfect time to give $20 in honor of our 20 freed clients!

Wrongful Conviction Day, observed every October 2, raises awareness that wrongful convictions do happen. It happened to 20 of our clients now free from the injustice that imprisoned them.

Help us honor their struggle for freedom and strength to survive by giving $20 or $200
or whatever multiple of 20 you can. Your gift can help fund resources we need, such as investigators and experts, to help prove the innocence of our dozens of current clients. Thank you!

The Fight Goes On

This Wrongful Conviction Day, we recognize the nation’s 2,840 exonerated men and women (359 in Illinois) who lost 25,614 years of their lives to wrongful conviction and imprisonment.

We recognize our 20 freed clients who lost 369 years of their lives.

And we keep fighting.

Our fight goes on for current clients and the hundreds of people who write asking for our help.

Our fight goes on for freed clients facing new battles upon release … finding housing and employment, building economic security, reestablishing relationships, and grappling with mental and physical health problems caused by institutionalized living.

Our fight goes on to prevent wrongful convictions, through educating undergraduate and law students and police cadets, and changing policy, such as collaborating to establish the nation’s first law to prohibit law enforcement from lying to young people during interrogations.

We have so much to celebrate. And so much more work to do.

With you at our side, we can do it.