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Archived Semester Information

General Education Courses Offered


An appeal for an exception to the tuition and fee policy for withdrawals, including requests for exceptions to posted deadlines, must be filed with the Records and Registration Appeals Committee. The Committee meets regularly to consider these requests. The appeal must document extenuating circumstances. Additional information regarding the appeal process is available in the form of a handout: Information on Exceptions to the Tuition and Fee Policy for Withdrawals (pdf).

Concurrent Enrollment

Students may be eligible to enroll in courses on more than one University of Illinois campus during a given semester. Students who plan to enroll for courses on more than one campus at the same time must complete the Application for Concurrent Registration (pdf), obtain the necessary signatures, and return the form to the Office of Records and Registration. Additional information regarding concurrent enrollment may be obtained by contacting Registration.

Intercampus Enrollment

The Intercampus Enrollment program is intended to give students at one campus of the University of Illinois the opportunity to take advantage of experiences unique to another campus of the University without having to transfer. It is not designed to replace concurrent enrollment or transfer. The program also provides for summer enrollment at another University of Illinois campus. Additional information regarding Intercampus Enrollment is available online.


Students registering for more than eight (8) hours for summer semester, or for more than eighteen (18) semester hours for fall or spring semester are required to file a student petition form with the appropriate signatures from the academic program at the time of registration.


Students who have holds are responsible for clearing these prior to any registration. These include parking, library, financial, short-term loans, health, admissions, and program restrictions. See the current course schedule for information regarding academic restrictions.

Student Classification

Undergraduate students are classified into categories based upon the number of hours earned. Freshmen are those students who have earned less than 30 hours of credit, sophomores have earned 30-59.99 credit hours, juniors have earned 60-89.99 credit hours, and seniors have earned 90 or more hours. Graduate students are those working toward a master’s or doctoral degree.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies, deadlines, and procedures contained in the catalog and current course schedule. Avoid potential enrollment problems by reading the various publications carefully. Students may receive credit only for those courses for which they are properly registered and will assume academic and financial responsibility for any course in which they register unless they officially cancel registration according to the established deadlines.