Important Dates & Deadlines

Click on the links provided to access applications and to sign up for events. Please be aware that dates and deadlines may be updated periodically. If you have questions, please call the UIS Admission Office at (217) 206-4847 to speak to an Admission Counselor.

Apply for Housing by June 15, get assignment and roommate by July 10. If you apply for Housing after June 15, you'll know your roommate assignment by July 31.

Appeals Policy for First-Year Students

First-year applicants who have not been offered admission may, on the following grounds, appeal that decision.

  1. Updated test scores, transcripts, or other application materials as specified in the admission criteria for the First-year Applicants
  2. The student’s assertion that an error was made in the evaluation of credentials.

Students wishing to appeal their admission decision must submit a letter of appeal to the attention of the Director of Admission, chair of the Appeals Committee, detailing the reason they believe the decision should be overturned and providing any supporting documents. Students whose previous denial decision is overturned upon appeal may be subject to conditions placed upon their admission to UIS.