Leave the interstate at exit (#90) for Toronto Road. Turn right (east) at the top of exit ramp, proceed through small business area, over a rail crossing, past a Springfield Fire Dept. Station; follow the roadway as it curves left and passes CACC (Capital Area Career Center). Following CACC’s campus, turn left (north) into the 11th St. extension road. Any of the next three right turns will lead you to the UIS campus.

OR: Alternative route: when Toronto Road curves left and passes CACC, keep going ahead to the traffic light at the intersection with Shepherd Road (at the entrance to the Lincoln Land Community College campus); turn left (north) and proceed a short distance to the south edge of the UIS campus.

From the east – using US 36/72

At intersection with I-55, choose I-55 South, following it to Stevenson Drive exit (#94). Turn right (west) at top of exit ramp, proceed through 2 traffic signals; at 3rd signal, turn left (south) into West Lake Shore Drive and continue to the edge of the UIS campus.

From the west – using US 36/72

Leave highway by exit ramp to 6th St. North, drive a short distance to a traffic light, turn right (east) onto Hazel Dell, which curves and becomes 11th Street. This goes over I-55 on a bridge, to a stoplight.

If you make a left turn at the light, it is again Hazel Dell and can be followed to West Lake Shore Drive (traffic light, small school bldg.) where you turn right (south) and reach the north boundary of UIS campus.

If you proceed straight ahead through the traffic light at 11th /Hazel Dell, you are on the 11th St. Extension. Follow roadway to a STOP sign, at intersection of 11th St. Extension and campus roadway called Ernest Hemingway Drive, where the University of Illinois at Springfield sign is (considered the main entrance to the campus); make a left turn into the boulevard roadway (Hemingway Drive). At the next STOP sign, you are at the edge of the UIS campus. If you proceed straight ahead – through 2 stop signs – you will approach the “teardrop” entrance to the PAC building.

From the City of Springfield to the north edge of the UIS Campus

Proceed south on South 6th Street (or South 11th) to south edge of town at Stevenson Drive. Turn left (east) on Stevenson and continue for about 1 1/2 miles to intersection with West Lake Shore Drive. (CVS Drug Store and Taco Bell are landmarks to look for.) Turn right (south) on West Lake Shore Drive, continue straight across country, to the edge of the UIS campus.

Alternate route from east side of town, via South Grand Avenue

Depending upon the direction of travel, turn left/right onto Taylor Ave., from South Grand, proceed south on Taylor to the intersection with Stevenson Drive (at that location, Taylor becomes West Lake Drive on the other side. Then continue as described above straight to edge of UIS campus.)

Alternate route from south edge of Springfield

Proceed south on 6th Street, past the intersection with Stevenson Drive, and the intersection with St. Joseph St.. At next traffic light, turn left (east) onto Hazel Dell Rd. Follow it around curve (it becomes 11th St. there), over the I-55 bridge to next traffic light. Go straight ahead on the 11th St. extension; through a railroad crossing, to a 4-way stop sign. A UIS main entrance marker is on the corner of that intersection. Turn left (east) onto Hemingway Drive (a boulevarded roadway), to next stop sign.

Go straight ahead for PAC building and then to the right for Lincoln Residence Hall, and other student housing units, plus Kiwanis Stadium.

OR: Turn left for all other locations, following the curving roadway through our campus.