Why must we pay for parking?

Parking Operations is a self-sustaining operation that receives no funding from tuition or the State of Illinois.  Revenue is generated from the fees collected through parking hang tag sales, parking violations, event parking and meter/pay station receipts.  All revenue generated goes into the operation and maintenance of the parking infrastructure.  Please note that roads are not included in the parking infrastructure.

What are parking hang tag fees used for?

Revenue generated by Parking Operations maintains and supports the parking infrastructure.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Salaries
  • Lot Maintenance and Repair
  • Utilities(parking lot lighting)
  • Parking Lot Projects
  • Administrative Fees


How do I update my vehicle information on my parking hang tag?

You can quickly make updates by logging into the Parking Hang Tag Application and scrolling to the "Your Vehicles" section.  There you can add, remove, or update your vehicle information.

Why are lots closed sometimes?

At times the university hosts events that require exclusive and accessible parking for event guests.  The event host (internal and external) pays to reserve the parking lot or space.  Keep in mind that parking hang tags do not guarantee convenient or preferred parking (unless it is a PERKS), but instead the opportunity to park in the lots that correspond to the hang tag purchased.  

I am traveling to a conference for several days and need to leave my personal vehicle on campus. Where should I park?

Students, faculty, and staff with any valid and current parking hang tag may park overnight in Lot B-East or I-North when traveling on official university business.

I have a parking hang tag. Do I still need to pay to park at an individual meter?

Yes. University parking hang tags are not valid in spaces with individual meters.  All metered spaces require payment 24/7.

What are the requirements to park in Lot J?

Students with a valid and properly displayed parking hang tag may park in Lot J without paying the parking pay station.

University employees that have a PERKS in Lot J may park in their specific numbered PERKS space without paying the parking pay station.

All other individuals parking a vehicle in Lot J must pay the parking pay station to park in Lot J.

I paid with my credit card at a pay station to park and it did not issue a receipt. How do I obtain a receipt that I paid?

View and print your parking receipts online at MyParkingReceipts.com

I am an employee enrolled in payroll deduction for the purchase of my parking hang tag. I want to purchase my parking hang tag using a debit/credit card method of payment. How can I change my payment type?

You must contact Parking Operations to request this change. 

I am a new employee and would like to enroll in payroll deduction for the purchase of my parking hang tag. Will this be a lump sum deduction from my pay?

No, this will not be a lump sum deduction from your pay.  Payroll deductions for the purchase of a parking hang tag are deducted over 24 biweekly or 12 monthly pay periods depending on the employee's pay structure.

I am a student with a residential parking hang tag and am moving from West campus housing to East campus housing. How do I get a different parking hang tag?

A residential parking hang tag authorizes parking in a specific residential parking lot and does not authorize parking in all residential parking lots. Therefore, a residential student must contact Parking Operations to schedule an appointment to return their residential parking hang tag in exchange for the type of residential parking hang tag specific to the residential parking lot they will need to park in. This is only applicable to current and valid parking hang tags and does not apply to expired parking hang tags.

I am an employee enrolled in payroll deduction for the purchase of my parking hang tag. When will the new parking deduction begin?

  • Civil Service Employees   -  Wednesday August 14
  • Academic Professional Employees  -  Friday August 16

I am an employee enrolled in payroll deduction for the purchase of my parking hang tag. How do I change my parking hang tag to a different type of parking hang tag?

You must contact Parking Operations to request this change.

I am a student who just purchased my parking hang tag. Where do I go to pick it up?

Please view the Parking Hang Tag Distribution schedule for specific dates, times and location that Parking Operations will be available so that you may pick up your parking hang tag.