Parking Hang Tag Types and Rates

All Students, Staff, and Faculty parking on university property need a Parking Hang Tag. View the Campus Parking Map or the table below to see which hang tag types are valid in each lot.

  • Hang tags are not valid for spaces with individual parking meters.
  • Parking hang tags are not transferable.

To purchase a PERKS, contact Parking Operations at (217) 206-8502 to select your preferred parking space.

Annual hang tags are valid from August 1, 2023, through July 31, 2024.

ECONOMYEconomy / yellow lots$118.00$135.00
STANDARDStandard / blue lots
Economy / yellow lots
PERKSReserved PERKS space that corresponds to the hang tag number *
Standard / blue lots
Economy / yellow lots
*Contact Parking Operations to purchase a PERKS
RESIDENTIALThe residential lot specified on the hang tag
Lot I-South
Lot J (near Student Union)
EMERITUSEconomy / yellow lots
Standard / blue lots

How to obtain a Parking Hang Tag:

  1. Use our online Parking Hang Tag Application to register your vehicle, choose your hang tag type, and pay the corresponding fee.
  2. Pick up your hang tag.** Be sure to bring your electronic receipt and a photo ID.
    **We are frequently out and about so schedule an appointment to pick up your hang tag by calling (217) 206-8502.
  • Only register your own vehicle (or one owned by a family member who lives with you). Do not register a vehicle that is not owned by you or a vehicle with dealer license plates.

Parking in Lot J

Students with a valid and properly displayed Parking Hang Tag may park in Lot J without paying the parking pay station.

University employees must pay the parking pay station, unless they have a PERKS in Lot J.


Full refund - is only available to students who completely withdraw (drop all classes) within the first two weeks of the semester or employees who separate within the first two weeks of employment. A full refund may only be requested within the semester that the parking hang tag was purchased.

Partial refund - is available to students and employees that purchase an annual parking hang tag. To request a partial refund (1/2 of the annual cost), complete and submit a Refund Request Form to Parking Operations before the winter break in December. Refund requests will not be accepted after the winter break.

  • Employees using payroll deduction will see the deductions end instead of receiving a refund.
  • Parking hang tags must be returned to Parking Operations when a refund is requested.

Contact Parking Operations

Office: BSB 43

Phone: (217) 206-8502


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm