Visitor Parking Map (pdf)

Except where prohibited by signs or markings, Visitors (individuals other than current University of Illinois Springfield students, faculty or staff) are invited to park in individual metered spaces or in metered/pay parking lots monitored by parking meter pay stations.

The following lots have metered parking spaces and/or parking meter pay stations for visitors: 

  • Parking Lots A, B-West, C-North, D, F, G, I-South and J.
  • Visitors attending an event hosted by the Performing Arts Center shall park in lots C-North, C-South, D, E or in any metered parking space or in any metered/pay parking lot.
  • Visitors attending a conference must park in the lot(s) designated for the conference, any metered parking space, or in a metered pay parking lot. The department organizing the conference is responsible for coordinating with Parking Operations for their event.
  • Visitors parking their vehicle overnight on campus must park in the yellow striped Economy section of Lot B-East.  Beginning 5:00 pm Friday through 6:00 am Monday, weekend visitors of residential student and staff must park in the yellow striped Economy Section of Lot B-East.
  • Visitors should not, under any circumstances, park in any of the specific lots designated for “Housing Residents Only”, these lots are reserved for the residents who live in those specific housing complexes.
  • If a visitor should receive a ticket, they may make inquiries about the parking violation to UIS Parking Operations (please review Section 7-101 on the Violations and Appeals page).

How to Use the MS1 Pay by Plate

Walking Distance from Parking Lots to Buildings

Distance measured in feet from center of parking lots to the buildings

Parking LotsUniversity HallPublic Affairs CenterBrookensHealth Sciences Building