We are a catalyst for creating a collaborative community where ideas ignite, businesses incubate, and creators and social changemakers innovate.

We are Springfield's university-led business incubator.  Come visit us in downtown Springfield, Illinois, and keep scrolling to learn about what we do.

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Business Incubation

Get your start-up off the ground

As an entrepreneur, you have two main goals: find a market niche and create a product or service that fills that niche. The job of our business incubation program is to help you and your ventures succeed.

At the business incubator, we offer high-quality programming and workshops, connect you to legal and financial consulting, and have a stellar community of entrepreneurs who are experiencing the same ups and downs you are. 

Social entrepreneurship

Healthy Communities and Innovation

At Innovate Springfield, we believe that innovation should be a right a not a privilege. We believe that healthy communities support innovation and that social entrepreneurship is critical to addressing society's most pressing problems. If you're an entrepreneur with a passion for developing solutions that directly address social issues, you're in the right place. 

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Collaborative Space

Want to work in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, but don't necessarily need incubation? You can still call Innovate Springfield your headquarters in our co-workspace.

Stay in the Know

There's a lot going on at Innovate Springfield

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Get in Touch

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15 South Old State Capitol Plaza
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