Cycle Fit

Also known as spin class: CycleFit is a great workout that is a top-notch way to strengthen the entire lower body, while providing a great cardio workout that will leave you out of breath. Combine that with listening and riding to some of your favorite songs and artists from all genres. CycleFit takes you on a journey through hills and sprints, burning calories like it’s nothing along the way.

Functional Strength Training

Morning stretch, functional strength training (weights and cardio), and yoga cool-down. For beginners to advanced. NEWBIES WELCOME!

Intermediate Classical Karate

Exercise with Meaning. Do you want to strengthen:

  • Your Body? A curriculum based upon increasing physical power, flexibility, and aerobic health suitable for adults of any age or current level of fitness, stressing personal progress and improvement.
  • Your Mind? Classes designed for intelligent people interested in improving mental focus. Unlike other exercise routines, the mind is always engaged and challenged.
  • Your Spirit? Energizing activities based upon centuries of Asian philosophy foster respect for others and self, integrity, and compassion. Designed to nurture one’s character.

For those who have reached intermediate level. 

Kali Martial Arts

Kali is a Filipino martial art. It is a weapons-based system. We work with how to defend from an attack with swords, knives, and the hand. We will also be covering some women's self defense.


Kickboxing will have you punching and kicking your stress away as you get into shape. You will burn away fat, improve your cardiovascular system, and build lean muscle with strength and cardio moves. This ultimate total body workout will leave your mind and body feeling confident, calm, and strong. Kickboxing is for all fitness levels. Throughout this course, you will improve by adding more power and speed that works for your body. Comfortable, fitted clothing is best for kickboxing. Boxing gloves are provided or you may bring your own.


Join licensed instructor and brand rep Cari Piper for this wildly addictive workout! WERQ is a fiercely fun dance fitness class based on trending pop and hip-hop music. Expect to SWEAT and burn around 500-900 calories each hour of WERQ! All dance and fitness abilities are welcome. Levels and modifications will be provided - zero experience required!

Yoga w/ Haley

Join Haley for an all-levels yoga class offering standing, balancing, and seated poses with plenty of modifications and props. This class will begin with a warming and heart-opening yang practice to allow energy to flow throughout the body. The second half will focus on yin postures held longer to stretch the connective tissues and help us relax even the deepest layers of the body. This class combines a balance of both movement and stillness, strength and flexibility, and physicality and mindfulness. 

Yoga w/ Ira

Unwind and find inner peace with our beginner-friendly yoga class! This class focuses on the fundamentals of yoga, offering a mix of stretching, breathing, and strengthening exercises designed to calm the mind and tone the body. Join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Namaste!