Spring 2023 Outdoor Adventure Trips

Ski/Snowboarding at Ski Snowstar Resort: Friday, Feb 10th

Join Campus Recreation for a day ski/snowboard trip! Cost is $55 and includes equipment rental, lift ticket, group lesson and transportation. You would only need appropriate clothing (non-jean warm bottoms, coat, gloves, hat).

Registration in TRAC opens Tuesday, January 17. Spots are limited so register today.

Deadline to register is Monday, Feb 6th at 12:00pm

Afternoon Hike: Saturday, April 1st

Join Campus Recreation on a free, afternoon hike. The location will be determined closer to the trip as some trails may not be open due to wet conditions.

Registration begins Monday, March 6 in TRAC.

Mammoth Cave Trip: Saturday, April 15th-16th

Join Campus Recreation on a camping trip to Mammoth Cave. Cost is $50 and includes transportation, one night camping (with equipment) and two cave tours.

Registration begins Monday, March 20 in TRAC.

Canoe/Kayak at UIS Field Station: Friday, April 28th

Join Campus Recreation on a free, afternoon canoe/kayak float. Transportation and canoe/kayak equipment will be provided.

Registration begins Monday, April 10 in TRAC

Canoe/Kayak at Sugar Creek: Friday, May 5th

Join Campus Recreation on a free, afternoon canoe/kayak float. Transportation and canoe/kayak equipment will be provided.

Registration begins Monday, April 17 in TRAC.

*A UIS Student is defined as a currently enrolled student being assessed the Rec Center portion of the General Fee. 

If you have any questions concerning Outdoor Adventures trips please contact the office of Campus Recreation at 217-206-7103.

Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental

If you would like to plan your own adventure you can rent the equipment you need from Campus Rec. Click the following link to see a list of the equipment available for rent. Outdoor Adventures Equipment Rental Price (pdf)

Kayaks and canoes on our pull behind trailer.

*Please note that you do not need to rent equipment if you are participating in an Outdoor Adventures trip offered by Campus Rec

Equipment Rental Policies and Procedures

  • Any Campus Rec or UIS Community Member may rent equipment from Campus Recreation.  All individuals must have a valid UIS icard to rent Outdoor Adventures equipment. Payment is due at the time of the rental.
  • Reservations for equipment are required to ensure the equipment desired is available for rent.  Reservations are made on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please contact Campus Recreation 2-3 business days before your trip to check out equipment.
  • It is the responsibility of the renter to inspect equipment and be sure it is all there and in good condition. If something is missing or in need of repair, a Campus Rec staff member must be notified immediately so it can be recorded before equipment is checked out.  If for some reason the renter fails to inspect the equipment, he/she is held responsible for damaged or missing equipment upon its return.
  • Each renter must sign a Campus Rec waiver at time of rental. The renter will be held financially responsible for any damages or loss of equipment.
  • Times to return equipment will be established when the equipment is checked out. Returned equipment will be inspected by a Campus Rec staff member.  Fines for dirty, lost or damaged equipment may be assessed.
  • Fines: The fee for late returns will be the cost of one day’s rental for each day past the due date. Renters will incur all costs for repair/replacement of any damaged or lost items.

To make a reservation contact Campus Recreation at 217.206.7103 or by email campusrec@uis.edu.  To ensure your equipment is available, please contact Campus Recreation 2-3 business days in advance.