Get your UIS Account

No later than three days after admission, you will receive an email with your 8-digit code (activation token) and a link to the UIS Account/Register Your Identity web page. Here you will obtain your UIS NetID and set your password. Your NetID is your electronic identity used to access all UIS systems. Remember your NetID and password to access all your UIS accounts including billing, registration, degree audits, online learning systems, email, and countless others.

Financial Assistance


Include the UIS code 009333 on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which you can complete at as soon as possible after October 1.


UIS awards merit scholarships automatically as part of the admission process and notifies eligible students of any such award in their admission letters.

Apply for Foundation Scholarships

Visit to learn more about opportunities for students interested in nursing or those who are military-connected, among many others. In addition, UIS offers an additional 340 institutional scholarships worth more than $575,000.

Financial Aid Offer Notification

View your Financial Aid Offer Notification using your new UIS Account (NetID and password). Click on UIS, log in, select the Financial Aid tab, and click on Award Letter.

Transferring Credits?

If you have credits you will be transferring, establish a Transferology account and see how your credits will transfer to UIS.

I said yes to UIS! Let's go!

Regularly monitor your application status page, open & read all emails from Admission so that we can guide you through the remaining steps to a phenomenal start to your UIS career. Also, visit our After Acceptance page to find out next steps.