1. The student’s assertion that an error was made in the evaluation of credentials.

Students wishing to appeal their admission decision must submit a letter of appeal to the attention of the Director of Admission, detailing the reason they believe the decision should be overturned and providing any supporting documents. The Director will review the file to determine whether or not an error was made during the evaluation of credentials.

Appeals Policy for all Graduate Students

Graduate departments vary in terms of whether they have appeals processes, and, if so, the specific process the department uses. See Admission Criteria for our Graduate Applicants.

Appeals Policy for Criminal Disclosure

Students whose admission to UIS was rescinded due to a prior criminal conviction or conduct record can appeal this decision. To do this, they must submit a written appeal to the Appeal Review Committee (ARC) within five business days of receiving the rescinded admission notification. For more information, please review the Criminal Disclosure Practice and Policy.