You can calculate your costs online. Or check out our chart*:

Illinois ResidentNon-Illinois Resident Illinois Resident Non-Illinois Resident
3 hours$1383.70$2319.70$1304.15$2342.15
4 hours$1733.35$2981.35$1738.20$3122.20
6 hours$2503.90$4375.90$2608.80$4684.80
8 hours$3203.20$5699.20$3476.90$6244.90

*Calculated to provide an ESTIMATE of your total tuition, fees, and assessments. For official information, please visit the Cost & Aid website. Tuition and fees are typically set annually in January by the University of Illinois System Board of Trustees. As such, these figures are subject to change and should be used for planning purposes only.