About Sustainability at UIS

UIS will be a role model in promoting campus environmental sustainability. UIS recognizes that we are part of a global community with limited resources and that our choices can positively affect that community and campus life in keeping with the UIS Strategic Compass 2028.

  • Expand, implement, and maintain an effective recycling program on all campus facilities.
  • Design new university buildings complying with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards and consider LEED standards in remodeling of existing buildings.
  • Raise campus awareness regarding our impact on the environment by developing environmental education programs and participating in public dialogue on environmental issues within and beyond the campus community.
  • Consider landscaping, energy use, building maintenance, purchasing, food service, and transportation as specific areas in which environmentally friendly practices are possible and desirable; implement such practices to the extent possible.

Performance Indicators

  • Level of participation in Recycling Program
  • Achievement of LEEDS standards in new construction and renovations
  • Level of participation in public dialogue on environmental issues
  • Focus on environmental preservation and sustainability in campus planning

Sustainability Partners at UIS

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If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact Dr. Megan Styles or Prof. Dathan Powell

Student Involvement

Submit a proposal for a Green Projects grant

For more information on projects currently under way, and to learn how you can make an impact on your campus, visit us here!

A Bronze Bicycle Friendly Campus

The Bicycle Advisory Committee sponsors a number of events on our campus and in the community. Be a part of it!


SAGE offers an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to become involved in the promotion of environmental awareness and protection. Learn more about joining SAGE.

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If you would like more information about UIS Sustainability efforts, please contact Dr. Megan Styles or Prof. Dathan Powell or visit Senate Committee on Sustainability. We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions!

Sustainability Events

The Sustainability Committee sponsors two weeks of programming every academic year:

Sustainability Week occurs each Fall and Earth Week comes each Spring. We host keynote speakers and stage events geared towards promoting sustainable practices and environmental leadership.

No upcoming events at this time. Check back soon!