Green Projects

The Green Projects Initiative allows UIS students, faculty, and staff to play a direct role in making our campus more environmentally sustainable.

What does it mean to be sustainable?

A sustainable campus is environmentally healthy, economically vibrant, and socially inclusive.

UIS Green Projects serves as an avenue for students to take a leadership role in making UIS and the surrounding community more environmentally friendly. We encourage and finance student-driven initiatives that contribute to sustainability.

The Green Fee Committee helps members of our campus community design projects that will help UIS become more sustainable. Each year, we select the best projects proposed by students, faculty, and staff. We will collaborate to implement projects using funds provided by the Student Green Fee. UIS students maintain the majority on the committee as we select projects to fund, and students work together with UIS faculty and staff to implement these projects.

To help us make a difference, you can:

Create Green Projects

Use the links below to learn about our green projects and the proposal process.

Be a Green Projects Leader

We need motivated students to serve on our Green Fee Committee and to help implement our Green Projects. Use the links below to explore these possibilities.

  • Apply to be a campus sustainability projects coordinator
    • Each Fall semester, UIS students can apply to be one of the Campus Sustainability Projects Coordinators. Two part-time (20 hours/week) positions are available. Contact Dr. Megan Styles at for more information.
  • Apply to serve on the student-led Green Fee Committee

Participate in the Green Community

We have several opportunities to be active in green initiatives on campus. Use the links below to learn more about these groups.


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