Green Projects

The Green Projects Initiative allows UIS students, faculty, and staff to play a direct role in making our campus more environmentally sustainable.

Committee – Now Accepting Applications (Due 5/3/18) for Fall 2018/Spring 2019

What Green Projects will we roll out next? Become a voting member, and play an active role in the decision process.


It’s that time of year! Get excited for our first set of ALL NEW Green Projects:

  • 15 New Water Bottle-Filling Stations in the Public Affairs Center (PAC)
  • 12 New Green Parking Spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles and carpools
  • A Bike Repair Station that will be accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • An additional Recycling Dumpster (closer to student housing)
  • A new kid-friendly Educational Garden at the Cox Children’s Day Care Center
  • A small Rainwater Catchment System (for watering the Cox Daycare Garden)
  • A beautiful new Spiral Herb Bed in the UIS Community Garden
  • A project that will replace some of our conventional turf grass with low-maintenance Native Grasses, reducing our fuel and water use

These improvements to our UIS Campus are the result of students and community members working together to create a more thriveable future. Thank you for your participation, and ENJOY!


UIS Green Projects serves as an avenue for students to take a leadership role in greening our Springfield campus and beyond. We encourage and finance student-driven initiatives that contribute to long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

We help members of our campus community design sustainability projects that will help green UIS. Each academic year, we select the best projects proposed by UIS students, faculty, and staff and work collaboratively to implement them using funds provided by the UIS Student Green Fee. This initiative is student-driven and student-led. UIS students chair the committee that selects which projects to fund, and student work together with UIS faculty and staff to implement these projects.

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Green Projects Proposal Timeline (2017/2018)


animation of the New Student Union building