Bike Repair Station

  • A bicycle repair station encourages commuters to use bicycles, rather than cars. This results in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • The bicycle repair station is located at the south entrance to PAC
  • View the the Bike Repair Station Project Proposal
  • Thank you Scheels for your donation


Bike repair station at the PAC


Buffalo Grass

  • Replacing turf grass with native grasses, such as Buffalo Grass, reduces required maintenance.
    • Projects like this will result in saving water and reducing carbon emissions.
  • See the Buffalo Grass in the circle drive by Parking Lot G.
  • View the Buffalo Grass Project Proposal
Buffalo grass on the UIS campus


Children’s Garden

  • A garden has been built at the Cox Children’s Daycare.
  • By teaching children about sustainability, they will hopefully grow into sustainability-minded adults.
  • View the Children's Garden Project Proposal
children looking at the children's garden

Low Emissions Vehicles and Carpool Parking Spaces

  • UIS offers parking for low-emissions vehicles and carpools. Check out a map of those designated parking spaces.
  • Currently 23 LEV and carpool parking spaces are reserved for low-emissions vehicles and carpool parking.
  • To see if your vehicle qualifies as low-emissions and is authorized to park in these LEV spaces, reference LEED-Qualified Cars
    • If your vehicle is on the list of low-emissions vehicles, then you can utilize these spaces.
  • View the Green Parking Spaces Project Proposal
A sign that says "Fuel Efficient Vehicles and Carpool PARKING ONLY"

Spiral Herb Bed

  • Spiral herb gardens encourage people to grow their own herbs, rather than driving to the store to buy herbs from all around the world.
    • This results in carbon emissions being reduced in the transportation of herbs.
  • Spiral herb beds create micro-climates ranging from dry to moist
    • This allows plants requiring different amounts of water to be grown together
  • See the spiral herb bed in the UIS Community Garden
  • View the Spiral Herb Bed Project Proposal
students planting plants in the spiral herb bed

Water Bottle Refilling Stations (PAC)

  • 15 Water Bottle Refilling Stations have been implemented in PAC
  • These stations will prevent the consumption of countless plastic bottles,
    significantly reducing the university’s plastic consumption
a water bottle refill station in PAC

Sustainable Signage

  • Signs will be placed at sustainable landscaping projects around campus to explain how the plants and landscaping help to make UIS more sustainable.
  • View the Sustainable Signage Project proposal.

Residential Recycling Bins

students preparing to assemble the residential recycling bins
  • By putting up more recycling bins in residential areas, students will be able to dispose of their home-generated waste in a more sustainable manner.
  • There are small, personal bins for each dorm room, and there are larger recycling bins in each of the residential laundry rooms and common areas in the dorms.
  • View the Residential Recycling Bins Project Proposal.

Kids for Compost

  • A composter in the children’s garden will teach them about composting at an early age, encouraging them to develop into sustainability-minded people.
  • The composter will also help the teachers to develop an understanding of composting and gardening techniques.
  • View the Kids for Compost Project Proposal.
a composting bins located in the children's garden

Water Bottle Refilling Stations

A graphic displaying 81 bottles, each of which represents 2921 bottles being filled. This is equivalent to removing 4.8 standard vehicles from the roads for a year.
A graph displaying the total number of water bottles filled at sustainable filling stations. 48,344 in PAC, 3373 in Brooken's Library, 5156 in HRB, 7910 in LRH, 790 in FRH, 19917 in the Union, and 151,086 in TRAC.
This graph shows the bottles filled by all current stations on the UIS Campus as of October 4th, 2019.
A graph displaying the filling station progress of certain sustainable filling stations.
This graph shows the filling station progress of the Green Fee funded stations as of October 4th, 2019.


Solar Charging Station

a chair next to a solar power charging station
  • A solar-powered charging station for phones and laptops has been placed at the Student Union on the South second floor Starbucks terrace.
  • This station will reduce our reliance on non-renewable energy by providing students with access to solar-powered charging.
  • Here are the specifications of the UIS Charging Station:
    • 10 W on-board solar panel
    • 2 5V 2.1A outlets, providing 480 watt-hours of power
  • View the Solar Charging Station Project Proposal.

UIS Composting

  • Composting at the Student Union will significantly reduce our food waste by converting our food scraps into compost.
  • We will be using 2 composting tumblers until we can upgrade to more comprehensive composting facilities.
  • View the Composting Project Proposal.
the two composting units outside of the union

Reusable Clam Shells

  • 1,000 reusable clam shells have been purchased, and will be passed out to students in Fall 2019.
  • By giving students reusable clam shells, we are encouraging the students to save money and reduce the waste they produce when they take food home.
  • View the Reusable Clam Shells Project Proposal.

Recycling Dumpster Labeling

a sign on a dumpster that says "RECYCLE ONLY, NO TRASH"
  • Heavy duty magnets have been placed on recycling dumpsters in the residential areas of the UIS campus.
  • These magnets promote recycling by informing students what to place in the dumpster, and this helps to reduce the contamination of the recycling dumpsters.
  • View the Recycling Dumpster Labelling Project Proposal.

Sustainable Signs 2.0

A sign that says "UIS Cox Children's Garden" and lists benefits of the garden
  • Originally proposed in 2018, this ever-evolving project aims to increase visibility of green projects on campus, and it provides campus community members with the opportunity to learn more about the sustainable projects.
  • Currently, there are 7 projects with informational signs:
    • Matrix Gardens
    • Buffalo Grass
    • Union Composting
    • Cox Children’s Garden
    • UIS Community Garden
    • Union Solar Charging Station
    • Bioswale

Bee Hotels

A bee hotel near the UIS pond
  • This project provides a safe structure for native bees to build their habitat as they live on our campus and pollinate plants around UIS.
  • There are five bee hotels located around campus, and they are made out of sustainably sourced bamboo.
  • You can check out their locations here on the campus sustainability map.
  • View the Bee Hotels Project Proposal

Outdoor Recycling Bins

a recycling bin on the UIS campus
  • This proposal added permanent, outdoor recycling bins to 8 different locations around the UIS quad area.
  • These bins allow for proper disposal of recyclables, diverting them away from the trash stream and back into the consumer cycle.
  • You can check out their locations here on the campus sustainability map.
  • View the Outdoor Recycling Bins Project Proposal

Community Garden Rainwater Capture

Coming soon!

  • A catchment system at the UIS Community Garden will allow us to water our plants and vegetables using captured rain water.
  • This project increases sustainability in the following ways:
    • Saving water
    • Reducing erosion and flooding
  • This structure at the garden alleviates much of the demand placed on piped water sources required for watering our plants.
  • View the Rainwater Capture Project Proposal.

Field Station Kayak Rack

a rack storing 6 kayaks at the UIS field station

Completed Spring 2021!

  • Adding a kayak rack to the UIS Field Station on Lake Springfield gives Campus Recreation a convenient place to store kayaks for student use.
  • This rack will hold kayaks, allowing them to be stored properly right on site.
  • Students can contact TRAC to rent kayaks and take them out for a nice adventure on Lake Springfield.
  • Time spent outdoors increases student interest in the environment and makes them more likely to work toward a more sustainable future.
  • View the Kayak Rack Project Proposal.

Recycling Bin Labels

a recycling bin with a label displaying what should and should not be disposed of in the bin
  • This project aims to increase recycling awareness and inform the campus community about what to recycle.
  • Acceptable and unacceptable items for recycling are clearly marked and labeled directly on bins, and this gives students, staff, and faculty the opportunity to properly recycle.
  • View the Recycling Bin Labels Project Proposal.


A list of DOs and DON'Ts for sustainable recycling. In particular: no food, bags, or trash.

UIS Native Plants Educational Exhibit

Coming soon!

  • This project introduces signs around campus to inform the UIS community about native plants.
  • Signs provide details on the native plants present in the multiple matrix gardens that can be found at UIS. Locations of these gardens can be found on the UIS Sustainable Features map.
  • Signs contain QR codes that can be scanned to learn more about highlighted plants within the gardens.
  • View the Garden Kiosk Project Proposal.

UIS Native Trees

  • This project improves sustainability at UIS by increasing the presence of native trees on campus, while in turn helping to remove dead ones to allow for new growth.
  • These new trees will not only aesthetically improve the look of our campus, but will also help provide habitat for native birds and animals and reduce our carbon footprint.
  • View the Native Trees Project Proposal.
a student planting a tree on the UIS campusA tree before being planted at UIS

Go Green Go Home

  • The Green Fee Committee worked with Residence Life to revitalize the Go Green Go Home event which was cancelled during the pandemic.
  • Go Green Go Home is an event that encourages students to recycle object they would have otherwise thrown away during move-out to donate the items to charity.
  • View the Go Green Go Home project proposal.
a poster for the 2022 go green go home event
2022 Spring event poster

More Recycling Labels

  • As a continuation of the Recycling Bins Label Project, this proposal renewed the supply of labels to create recycling awareness around campus.
  • View the More Recycling Labels proposal

Menstrual Cup Initiative

  • A collaboration between the Green Fee Committee and the Women’s Center to educate and give a supply of menstrual cups to students.
  • Menstrual cups are a reusable alternative to sanitary tissues and tampons, lasting longer and being able to be bought for cheaper in the long run because they don't need to be replaced as often.
  • View the Menstrual Cup Initiative project proposal.
    event poster for the free menstrual cups
    Spring 2022 event poster


UIS Townhouse & Apartment Recycling Bins

  • This project funds the placement of recycling bins across townhouses and recycling bins on campus.
  • This promotes recycling by providing a space for students to recycle that makes it generally more accessible, requiring less diversion of typical routines for students to properly recycle in their home.
  • View the UIS Townhouse & Apartment Recycling Bins proposal.

UIS Bookstore Reusable Plastic Bags

Coming soon!

  • This project funds reusable bags to be given away at the UIS Bookstore to promote their use and additionally make sure the bags, which are recyclable, aren’t thrown away.
  • View UIS Bookstore Reusable Plastic Bags for the reusuable bags with the statement 'help eliminate the waste' emphasized