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Institute for Illinois Public Finance 

The major goals of the Institute for Illinois Public Finance (IIPF) are to:

  • Promote the systematic research by UIS faculty and staff of public finance issues in the state of Illinois and in its local governments;
  • Provide technical assistance for the state and local governments in Illinois in matters of public finance and related issues; and
  • Aid in the dissemination of high-quality, non-partisan research on applied public finance to interested stakeholder groups.
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Institute for Legal, Legislative and Policy Studies

Institute for Legal, Legislative and Policy Studies has through public policy research and development, program evaluation and design, and the education and training of government and nonprofit employees and citizens, the Institute seeks to bring new information to bear on public problems. Institute projects include those independently undertaken and those funded on a grant or contract basis through public and private sector support.

Through its faculty, staff, and outside consultants, the Institute offers skills in social science research, policy analysis, evaluation, curriculum design and implementation, conference planning and execution, advocacy development, and authoring publications.