Institute for Illinois Public Finance

The Institute for Illinois Public Finance promotes systematic research on public finance issues and provides technical assistance for state and local governments.

The major goals of the Institute for Illinois Public Finance (IIPF) are to:

  1. Promote the systematic research by UIS faculty and staff of public finance issues in the state of Illinois and in its local governments;
  2. Provide technical assistance for the state and local governments in Illinois in matters of public finance and related issues; and
  3. Aid in the dissemination of high-quality, non-partisan research on applied public finance to interested stakeholder groups.

IIPF Faculty & Staff Activities

The faculty and staff of the Institute have been very active with academic research and community projects. Read more about this work on pages linked on the left.

Dr. Arwi Kriz conference presentation
Dr. Arwi Kriz presents at a recent conference
Dr. Kenneth Kriz Economic Outlook Conference presentation
Dr. Kenneth Kriz presents at the 2018 Kansas Economic Outlook Conference
Drs. Kenneth Kriz and Arwi Kriz with Dr. Sikarn Issarachaiyos of Thammasat University, Thailand and Dr. Pakorn Siriprakob of Chulalongkorn University
Dr. Arwi Kriz international seminar
Dr. Arwi Kriz presenting research at an international seminar
Dr. Kenneth Kriz student poster
Dr. Kenneth Kriz with a student at a recent conference