Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies

The Institute for Legal, Legislative and Policy Studies, a unit of the Center for State Policy and Leadership at the University of Illinois Springfield, develops and applies practical knowledge to improve public sector performance.

Through public policy research and development, program evaluation and design, and the education and training of government and nonprofit employees and citizens, the Institute seeks to bring new information to bear on public problems. Institute projects include those independently undertaken and those funded on a grant or contract basis through public and private sector support.

Through its faculty, staff, and outside consultants, the Institute offers skills in social science research, policy analysis, evaluation, curriculum design and implementation, conference planning and execution, advocacy development, and authoring publications.

UIS Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies
Welcomes Dr. Alan Simmons

Dr. Alan J. (AJ) Simmons is proud to be the new Director of the UIS Institute for Legal, Legislative, and Policy Studies (ILLAPS) and the Survey Research Office (SRO). In his role, AJ hopes to help people, governments, and organizations collect actionable data to make informed, evidence-based, decisions. AJ previously worked in ILLAPS as the Graduate Research Assistant prior to completing his PhD in Political Science from Arizona State University and leading a team of researchers for the Arizona state government. He is married to Valerie and they have two daughters. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, their two dogs, reading, hiking, fishing, playing/watching soccer, and gardening.


Units of ILLAPS include:

The Survey Research Office (SRO)

The Child Protection Training Academy (CPTA)

The Illinois Legislative Staff Internship Program (ILSIP)

The Project for Public Safety and Justice (PPSJ)

The Illinois Traffic Safety Resource Program (TSRP)

Substance User Prevention and Recovery Program (SUPR) DUI Trainings