Stewardship & Donor Relations

At the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS), Stewardship and Donor Relations play a pivotal role in creating and cultivating lasting connections between the institution, its students, and its generous supporters. UIS strives to ensure all donors feel valued and engaged at every step of their philanthropic journey. Through personalized communication, recognition events, and meaningful stewardship initiatives, UIS fosters a culture of appreciation, service, and support. By honoring the contributions of donors, UIS demonstrates its dedication to advancing its mission and empowering students to achieve their academic and professional aspirations. Through these efforts, UIS not only sustains vital partnerships but also inspires continued investment in the university's mission and values.


Executive Policy Advisor, 217-206-7074
Advancement Operations, Procedures, and Policy; Administration of Gift Funds and Donor-Funded Scholarships Campus-Wide; Fund Agreements; Stewardship; Stewardship and Donor Relations Events; Donor Recognition

Stewardship & Donor Relations Coordinator, 217-206-8661
Stewardship, Gift Acknowledgements; Gift Agreements (SOUs); Stewardship and Donor Relations Events; Donor Recognition

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