The UIS Alumni Association has had the privilege of honoring exceptional graduating students for their volunteer contributions as leaders of student societies, groups and organizations at UIS. The UIS Campus Advisory Board (CAAB) sponsors this recognition program and would appreciate your assistance in identifying deserving individuals on campus. 

Nominees are undergraduate, graduate or professional students who will receive their degrees in summer or fall. Nominees should have demonstrated exceptional leadership through their involvement in campus and/or student organizations. Leadership might be exemplified through an officer or chairman position or outstanding loyalty and commitment by a person whose actions inspire others. The leadership that is being recognized could have spanned an entire academic career or could be more limited in scope.

Recipients will be honored near graduation. The UIS Chancellor will present the award to these outstanding students. 

Student Leadership Award Past Recipients

Ashley Beaton

Ashley Teague
Kevin Catlin
Jacob Crosetto

John Tienken
Jaime Cruz
Jinger Sanders

Lindzee Edwards

Jaleesa N. Earthely
Charles L. Olivier

Leslie Reutter
Luke Runyon

Samantha Gaddy
Shana Stine

James M. Brower
Rachel L. Dasenbrock
Latrice C. Nettles

Sarah Doyle
Anica Malabanan

Jen Davis
Heather Shaffer
Brad Ward