Women's Philanthropy Luncheon

National trends show that women are increasingly becoming the face of wealth, giving and legacy. Women tend to be more generous with their wealth and contribute more frequently. The desire to create a personal connection and meaningful relationships demonstrates a desire to give both time and financial resources. The annual Women's Philanthropy Luncheon is an opportunity for women philanthropists to connect and learn about opportunities to support the UIS community.

2023 Women's Philanthropy Luncheon

The Women's Philanthropy Luncheon was held on September 22, 2023 at the UIS Lake Springfield Field Station. The luncheon featured guest speakers from UIS Cares, UIS Field Station, & UIS Protection Training Academy to teach guests about different aspects of UIS. Guests also got to tour the Child's Protection Training agency home and saw experiments going on at the Field Station.

Two women talking to each other during a luncheon event
UIS Chancellor addresses a room of people at a luncheon on the lake
A female speaking at a podium
A group of women are being informed about a home simulation lab on the UIS campus
Two women talking to each other during a luncheon event
Three women are shown some laboratory equipment by a male professor

We must continue to support and encourage the next generation of women philanthropists to step forward and make their mark, shaping the future of education and society.

Chancellor Janet L. Gooch