A Timely and Critical Gift

Scholarships offer generous donors a unique opportunity: A chance to truly impact the life of another person for the better.

Whether major or modest, scholarships benefit promising UIS students as they build their careers and move on to shape society's future. By creating a scholarship you will join hundreds of generous donors who each year make a positive difference in the lives of our students and in their futures.

For many, their access to higher education depends on scholarships. Today more than ever, students need scholarships to afford college without having to take out crippling loans or work so many hours they miss out on some of the benefits of college. Our annual Scholarship Luncheon offers the chance to meet the person who benefits from your gift and discover where it takes that student.

Creating a Scholarship

At UIS, you have the opportunity to create your own named scholarship fund or in honor of a family member or someone you admire. We have several possibilities to offer you, with information on each.

  • Endowed scholarships are the most powerful scholarship funds because they create scholarships year after year. Interest from your gift funds the scholarships; the principle remains. A minimum of $25,000 creates an endowed scholarship.
  • Current-use scholarships are very nimble scholarships because you fund them for only one year at a cost of $1,000 (or $84/month). You still get to name the scholarship and decide the kind of student who will receive the scholarship.


Please contact the Division of Advancement for more information.