The campaign is led by 50 Ambassadors who talk to their colleagues about the importance of giving. A big shoutout to them! They’re on a mission to spread the campaign magic without knowing who’s already in on the action. Need gift forms, payroll deduction cards and return envelopes to make it easy for you.

Shelby Bedford
Jennifer Berry
Len Bogle
Leanne Brecklin
Sarah Brewer
Jillian Briggs
Beverly Bunch
Michael Chuang
Ann Comerford
Christina DeWerff
Lan Dong
Angela Dyer
Hannah Eberhard
Sadie Furman
Thomas Gebhardt
Valerie Gebhardt
Ann Gemberling

Claire Gordon
Ashley Hall
Rebekah Hecht
Vernon Huber
Rebecca Johnson
Garth Klos
Michael Krcil
Eric Kuchar
Sally LaJoie
Amanda Lazzara
Carol Marshall
Kate McKenzie
Kristin Nisbet-White
Mae Noel
Eileen Norris
Sevilay Onal
Courtney Reed

Sheryl Reminger
Kris Ruebling
David Saner
Alice Seaton
Joan Sestak
Cassandra Shimkus
Susan Strickler
Jay Swenson
Holly Thompson
Robin Vansacik
Jamie Weber
Lisa Whelpley
McKenzie White
Cathy Wilkerson
Becky Wort
Marcel Yoder
Patti Young