UIS Alumni Association logo, blue in color with a graphic of a colonnade and the words UIS Alumni Association

With more than 44,000 members, the global UIS Alumni family has shared experiences and pride in the University of Illinois Springfield and its predecessor, Sangamon State University. From its earliest non-traditional students, who helped create a brand-new educational model at SSU, to today’s diverse group of undergraduate and graduate students, we share a common pride in our unique institution.

Part of the Division of Advancement, the UIS Alumni Association advances the interests of the University and its alumni. Through programs and services, we seek to strengthen the ties between our alumni, the UIS community and the local and global communities touched by our graduates.

Our Mission

To inspire lifelong loyalty, pride and united action through networking, advocacy, support and continuing education.

Our Vision

To be a catalyst for change and growth in the lives of alumni and in the future of the University.

Our Values


We embrace and celebrate our global and diverse community of alumni and friends, and provide a space to initiate and rekindle bonds over shared experiences and pride.


We seek to partner with alumni, students and the community to provide meaningful and valued means for interaction with one another and the University.


We strive to generate ideas and convert them into action in order to offer services and opportunities which create value or satisfy expectations of alumni and/or the University.


We support the personal growth of new leaders, and provide them with opportunities to learn and thrive. We facilitate meaningful and impactful volunteer leadership roles, which raise the profile and interconnectivity of alumni and the University. We celebrate the achievement, loyalty and service of alumni and friends whose actions represent the University's values and traditions to the larger public.


We inspire lifelong loyalty, pride and united action by providing alumni and supporters with valuable and memorable experiences which imprint a deep affinity to the University and one another.


We celebrate mentoring, giving back, paying it forward and contributing to the future of the University and Alumni. We enrich customs, cultures, alumni life and the mission of the University.


We encourage the voice of alumni in expressing the need for, and importance of, support for the University and higher education.


Our alumni are stakeholders and catalysts of engagement and action. Non-alumni who self-identify as supportive of the University are welcome to actively participate in the Alumni Association. The honor of association between those of common bonds, shared experiences, pride and loyalty is paramount.

Benefits & Services

Benefits and services provided by the Alumni Association exist to serve all alumni. We strive to offer benefits and services that are personally relevant, easy to access, solve a problem, deliver value and are exclusive to the member. Check out all the benefits and services available to you by viewing our Alumni Resources page.


For additional information about the UIS Alumni Association, contact the Division of Advancement.