Applying for Financial Aid

Thank you for your interest in the University of Illinois at Springfield. We are here to assist you through the processes of applying for and receiving financial assistance to fund your education. Students must apply for aid annually.

Aid Application for 2024-2025 (Fall 2024, Spring 2025 and Summer 2025)

You can apply for financial aid for Academic Year 2024-2025 by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA has been updated, and was launched in December 2023 instead of October for the 2024-2025 academic year. The Office of Financial Assistance encourages UIS students to apply by the priority filing deadline of March 15, 2024, to avoid missing any opportunities. You can find more information on the FAFSA changes on the  FAFSA® Simplification page.

Students in Illinois who are not eligible to apply through the FAFSA may be eligible to complete the Illinois Alternative Application (RISE application). The alternative application is available now for 2024-25.

The UIS Federal School Code is 009333.


The 2024-2025 FAFSA is here with some new changes! Here are some tips to consider before completing the FAFSA application.

  1. Stay informed- Check FAFSA communications and follow reputable sources regarding FAFSA information, updates, and/or glitches.
  2. Understand Application Changes and Have Necessary Documentation - Utilize resources such as the Department of Education and FAFSA websites to understand changes to the application and gather documents needed to complete the FAFSA form.
  3. Utilize Official Support and School Financial Aid Offices- resources such as online chat, FAQs, guides and other support and UIS Financial Aid office assistance.
  4. Address Technical Errors Immediately- If you encounter a technical issue, contact the appropriate support such as the chat bot or reaching out to technical support. Be persistent in seeking resolution.
  5. Be Mindful of Deadlines
  6. Document and Appeal- If faced with challenges, consider requesting a review with the financial aid office. Document extenuating circumstances and be prepared to provide this to support your case.

2024-25 FAFSA Resources

Aid Application for 2023-2024 (Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024)

There is still time to apply for aid for the Academic Year 2023-2024 (Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024). The FAFSA opened October 1, 2022 and the priority filing deadline was December 1, 2022. Federal Student Aid is available to most qualified students, regardless of financial need. The results of your FASFA application is sent to our Office of Financial Aid. Once we receive a completed FAFSA, we will prepare a Notice of Financial Aid for you describing the total amount of financial aid you are eligible for.

Students should aim to submit any required missing information to the Office of Financial Assistance no later than to the following dates each term; however, earlier is better!

  • Fall: November 15
  • Spring: April 15
  • Summer: June 15

You will need information from your (and your parent(s) or spouse) federal tax return. When completing the income sections of the FAFSA, you are given the option to have this data retrieved directly from the IRS. UIS strongly encourages you to use this IRS Data Retrieval process which will automatically transfer your (and your parent or spouse) Federal Tax Return information into your FAFSA.

Students who are not eligible to complete the FAFSA® may be eligible to complete the Alternative Application. Please visit the Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Retention of Illinois Students & Equity (RISE) Act page for complete details.

Our Federal School Code is 009333.

Who is Eligible for Aid?

All US citizens and permanent residents can apply for financial aid. Of course, there are minimum requirements that are fairly standard for some aid programs. This eligibility requirements webpage contains standard federal student aid eligibility requirements.

Certain Illinois residents who are ineligible to apply through the FAFSA may be eligible to apply for state and institutional aid through the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid.

How Is Financial Aid Determined?

Cost of Attendance (COA)
Amount of resources (tuition, fees, books/supplies, living expenses, food) a regular student is expected to incur.


Student Aid Index (SAI)
Formerly Expected Family Contribution, SAI is an eligibility index number that the financial aid office uses to determine student aid eligibility.


Student Financial Need
Financial Need is the difference between COA and SAI, and is used to determine how much need-based aid a student is eligible for.

Total Aid offered may not exceed a student's Cost of Attendance. Certain financial aid program are need-based, and may not exceed the Financial Need determined by the above formula.