Access Your Financial Aid Status and Awards

You can access your Financial Aid Award Letter and view your financial aid information online through Student Self-Service. For the most efficient answers to your financial aid questions, you are encouraged to monitor your status on-line through Student Self-Service before contacting the Office of Financial Assistance. The following financial aid information is available on-line through Student Self-Service:

Financial Aid Notification

Understanding the Financial Aid Offer Notification

  • View/Print/Save your Offer Notification
  • Accept/Decline your financial aid offer
  • Request changes to your financial aid
  • Report additional financial aid

Financial Aid Summary

  • View your financial aid summary

Cost of Attendance

  • View your financial aid cost of attendance budget

Financial Aid History

  • View the history of your financial aid while attending the University of Illinois

Student Requirements

  • View the status of documents submitted to our office and check to see if any documents are still outstanding
  • View outstanding student requirements