Access Your Financial Aid Status and Awards

You can access your Financial Aid Award Letter and view your financial aid information online through Student Self-Service. For the most efficient answers to your financial aid questions, you are encouraged to monitor your status on-line through Student Self-Service before contacting the Office of Financial Assistance. The following financial aid information is available on-line through Student Self-Service:

Award Letter

Understanding the Financial Aid Award Letter

  • View/Print/Save your Award Letter
  • Accept/Decline your financial aid awards
  • Request changes to your Award Letter
  • Report additional financial aid awards

Award Summary

  • View your financial aid awards

Cost of Attendance

  • View your financial aid cost of attendance budget

Award History

  • View the history of your financial aid awards while attending the University of Illinois

Student Requirements

  • View the status of documents submitted to our office and check to see if any documents are still outstanding. You will be able to view receipt of faxed documents within three business days and receipt of mailed documents within one week.
  • View outstanding student requirements