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Phone: (217) 206-6724
Fax: (217) 206-7376
University Hall (UHB) 1015

Monday – Friday, except holidays
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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Sign up for a 30 minute appointment with a financial aid advisor.  Virtual appointment details (via Microsoft Teams) are provided in an email upon appointment confirmation.  If you prefer to meet in person or via telephone, you can elect to do so.  You do not need a Teams account to participate in the virtual appointment.  Need to cancel or reschedule?  Your confirmation email will provide a button to do so, or you can contact our office.  Students must be present for the appointment, and we are not able to speak directly to parents alone.   Financial Aid appointments are intended for currently enrolled or admitted students only.

UIS email is preferred; however, you may use other email addresses. 

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Financial Aid Team

Jessica Bailey, Scholarship Coordinator
Ph 217-206-7965

Jessica Vandenbergh, Graduate Advisor
Ph 217-206-7964

Laci Engelbrecht, Director
PH 217-206-7697

Ya Gao, Senior Data Analyst
Ph 217-206-8241

Garth Klos, Undergraduate Advisor
Ph 217-206-6731

Ella Lawrence, Associate Director
Ph 217-206-8256

Pam Lazar, Customer Service Assistant
Ph 217-206-6724

Jo Deen Roley, Customer Service Assistant
Ph 217-206-6724

Angie Tippey, Financial Aid Associate
Veteran & Military-connected Benefits and Waivers
Ph 217-206-7963

Maria Zavala, Undergraduate Advisor
Ph 217-206-7962