• The tuition and fee amounts are based on fifteen (15) hours per semester for Undergraduate students and eight (8) hours for Graduate students. However, twelve (12) hours is considered full-time for most undergraduate financial aid programs.
    • Students who are less than full-time will have reductions in the cost of attendance based on enrollment status. For specific tuition and fee expenses per hour, please use the Tuition & Fee Calculator
  • Books & supplies, transportation, off-campus living, and personal expenses are based on an estimate the Office of Student Financial Assistance prepares annually. If a student's actual expense is more than what is budgeted, a student can request a review. 
  • The tuition, fee, and assessment amounts in these COAs apply to students who are NOT in an online program. Students who have applied and been admitted to an online program and take 100% online courses pay different tuition, fee, and assessments. Any student enrolling in an online course will also incur an Online Academic Support Fee of $45/credit hour.
  • Specific programs may have different COAs, please reach out to Financial Assistance for more information. 

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