Graduation and Degree Completion Forms

** This form should be used when requesting a replacement/duplicate diploma or graduate certificate.


Admission Applications, Evaluations, and Incoming Transcripts

You have received a transcript from my previous school.  When will it appear on my application status page and my degree audit?

If your official transcript was sent to us in a sealed envelope by mail, please allow at least one week for delivery to the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS).  If it was sent electronically from your previous institution, please allow 1-2 business days.  After receipt, please allow 3-5 business days for your records to be updated.

I’ve submitted all of my application materials.  How long will it be until I receive an admissions decision?

There are many factors that determine when a decision will be made.  Those could include when admission committees meet, when we receive a decision from your program of interest, etc.  Please continue to check your application status page for updates.

I only want to apply for a certificate/licensure program.  What application do I submit?

When you start a new application, under the “Certificate Program or Guest Status” option, make sure you select the Non-Degree Application Type.

Graduation, Degree Audits, Diplomas, and Commencement

When will my degree be awarded and when will I receive my diploma?

Awarding of degrees will begin once all final grades have been submitted following the end of term grading deadline (a few days after the end of each semester).  Diplomas will be mailed approximately six to eight weeks following the end of the semester.

I lost my copy of my original diploma or graduate certificate from UIS. How do I get a new copy?

You can request a duplicate diploma or certificate by submitting a Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Request Form.  Each copy will cost $30, which must be paid by check or money order. Please read the form carefully.

NOTE: If you are a graduate of Sangamon State University (SSU) and would like an official duplicate SSU diploma, please complete the form above.  If, however, you wish to receive a Diploma Certificate listing the University of Illinois Springfield, you will need to contact our Office of Advancement.

I need to make a change to my current curriculum. What do I do?

You can submit a Change of Curriculum Form using Student Self-Service.  Please see the Change of Curriculum Form Instructions (pdf) if you have any questions regarding the completion of the form.

I was supposed to participate in last year’s commencement, but didn’t.  Can I participate this year?

No.  Students can only participate in the commencement in which they are first eligible (based upon the term for which the student submitted an online graduation application).  Students cannot participate in more than one ceremony for the same degree program.  Therefore, if you were eligible to participate in a previous year’s commencement, you are ineligible to participate this year.

Records/Outgoing UIS Transcripts

I have holds on my student account. How do I have my official transcript released?

Transcripts are released only if the student has no outstanding holds that limit the release of transcripts and has paid the appropriate fee. Even if it has been several years since you last attended, your transcript will not be available until those holds have been resolved with the department(s) that applied them.

How do I view my unofficial transcript?

UIS does not issue printed unofficial transcripts.  If you still have access to your UIS account, you may log into Student Self-Service, go to “Registration and Records,” then “Student Records and Transcripts,” and then “View Academic History.”  On that screen, you should be able to view/print your unofficial transcript.  Please be aware that the “View Academic History” option will not be available if the student has no outstanding holds that limit the release of academic transcripts. Even if it has been several years since you last attended, your transcript will not be available until those holds have been resolved with the department(s) that applied them.  If you no longer have access to your student account (which is generally deactivated one year after your last date of attendance), an unofficial transcript is not an option.  You may request an official copy for yourself, which you can then duplicate and save for future use.

Is there tracking for outgoing UIS transcripts?

Paper transcripts are sent via first class mail and do not include tracking information.  Electronic transcripts are sent shortly after they are authorized by our office.  If you requested your transcript via the TranscriptsPlus system, notifications will be sent to the email address you provided on the first page of the order form.  All requests require a minimum of one full business day to process.

My paper transcript hasn’t arrived yet. What are my options?

If the transcript was sent directly to a third party (e.g., university, employer), we can send a duplicate copy at no charge if two weeks have passed since the first copy was sent.  If the transcript was addressed to the student directly, the student will have to submit a new request, including payment.  If the first transcript is returned to us as undeliverable, we will refund the student for that copy.

My electronic transcript hasn’t been received. What are my options?

Electronic transcripts should be delivered within one full business day following the submission of the request.  If it has not been received within that window, please contact our office and please be ready to provide your order number.

I recently graduated and have received my diploma or graduate certificate, but I have not yet received my transcript.  Will I be receiving it soon?

All transcripts must be requested by the student.  No transcripts are provided automatically.  Information regarding how to request an official transcript can be found on our website.

How do I change my name or gender designation?

Information regarding how to make personal information changes can be found on our website.

  • I attended UIS (formerly Sangamon State University), but my potential employer says there’s no information available when they conduct a background check.  Why?

There are three potential possibilities for why this has occurred:

  1. The entity seeking the information provided us with a name, date of birth, or other information that did not match what we have on file (e.g., if your birthday is 2/1/1985 and they provided 1/2/1985).
  2. You did not attend UIS/SSU and have no academic records here.  You may have attended another area college (Lincoln Land Community College, Springfield College/Benedictine University, etc.).
  3. You previously submitted a Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form to our office, which means your records are now marked as confidential and we cannot release any information about you without your written consent.  If your records are confidential, we cannot even talk with you regarding your records over the phone or through email.  A Request to Revoke Previous Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information Form (pdf) is available on our website.

Registration, Withdrawals, and Tuition

Why is a course still showing in Canvas even though I dropped it in Student Self-Service?

Student Self-Service is the system of record.  If there is a discrepancy between it and Canvas, please consult with the course instructor to explain that you have officially dropped the class so that Canvas can be updated.

When is the last day to drop (without financial obligation, to receive a W grade, etc.)?

There are two types of withdrawals: complete (dropping all hours) and partial (dropping some but not all hours).  For additional information, please see the applicable Drop/Withdrawal Policy on the registration information page.   Note that there are different deadlines and financial obligations for complete and partial withdrawals.  

When attempting to register, what do I do when I see a “Departmental/Program/Instructor Approval Required” registration error?

In this case, you should reach out to the department that hosts the class (e.g., for ENG 102, you would contact the English and Modern Languages Department).  Once the department enters approval and notifies you, you should be able to register.  If the semester has entered the “Late Registration” period, you will need to contact our office to complete the registration.  Once we verify that the appropriate permission(s) have been entered and that you have no registration holds on your account, we will complete the registration for you.

I’m registered for all online classes, but my tuition bill is showing on-campus charges (like the Student Union Fee). Why am I being charged these fees?

In order to qualify for E-Tuition, students must be enrolled in 100% online courses AND be admitted to an online, degree-seeking program.  If one of these conditions does not apply, then students are assessed according to the on-campus billing structure.  Note: A per hour Online Academic Support Fee will be assessed to ALL students enrolled in an online course, regardless of their academic program.  Visit our Tuition page to review information related to tuition, fees, and assessments.

Am I able to waive any fees and assessments?

With the exception of the Student-to-Student Grant Fee and the Green Fee, all other fees and assessments are mandatory.  Requests to waive the Student-to-Student Grant Fee and/or the Green Fee must be submitted by the posted deadline each semester.  After that deadline, those fees can no longer be waived.  To view the deadline date (and other important deadlines), please refer to the applicable semester information on the registration information page.  

Reporting Requests, System Access,
and System Training – Faculty and Staff

Information pertaining to faculty/staff reporting requests, requests for access to student information systems, and requests for student system training can be found on the Faculty Use Only website.


Information regarding in-state and out-of-state residency issues for the University of Illinois can be found on the University-Wide Student Programs website.  To receive additional information or for further questions regarding residency, please contact the Office of Admissions at (217) 206-4847.

Study Away

Students who will be studying abroad through the Global Experience Program will register for one of the Global Experience courses.  Additional information can be found on the Global Experience Program website.