Enrollment Verification

Students may provide a copy of their UIS course schedule as verification of their enrollment. Schedules can be accessed via the Student Self-Service system.

The Office of Records and Registration can also provide signed enrollment verification letters for the purpose of insurance, employment, and scholarship applications. Requests for enrollment verification should be directed to:

Office of Records and Registration
Enrollment Verification
University of Illinois Springfield
One University Plaza, UHB 1076
Springfield, IL 62703-5407

Fax: (217) 206-6620

Enrollment verifications are also provided by the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). Enrollment information is sent to NSC by UIS periodically throughout the semester. The University of Illinois Springfield has authorized the NSC to provide enrollment verifications for our students, but UIS makes no guarantee that the verification will be accepted for all enrollment verification needs. Any fees charged by the NSC for its services are not to be mistaken for University related fees; these charges are assessed by NSC and are the responsibility of the student seeking their services. In order to use the NSC site you must have a Social Security Number and an active mailing address recorded in our system.

Student Loan Deferment

Students’ enrollment for loan purposes is verified to the National Student Clearinghouse on a regular schedule during each semester. The Clearinghouse then automatically updates students’ enrollment status with all lenders. If a lender does send a deferment form to a student and insists the form be completed, sign it as required and forward it to the Office of Records and Registration. We will then send it to the National Student Clearinghouse in order for them to update the appropriate lender. Students may also verify their enrollment status by going to the National Student Clearinghouse website. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted directly by calling (703) 742-7791.

Teaching Licensure Verification

The Department of Teacher Education processes all requests for verification of completed teacher and school service personnel certification/licensure programs. Please send any verification requests to:

Professional Licensure Officer
University of Illinois Springfield
Brookens 310
One University Plaza, MS BRK 330
Springfield, IL 62703-5407

Phone: (217) 206-6934