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If you have a hold that prevents registration activity, you may still be able to withdraw. Please contact the Office of Records and Registration for consultation.

Pay Any Remaining Tuition, Fees, and Other Charges on Your Student Account

You will not be able to re-register at the University if any unpaid past due charges remain on your account. Past due accounts may be referred to a collection agency and/or result in legal action. To find out more about payments and billing please visit the University Bursar website.

Complete Student Loan Exit Counseling

If you have any outstanding student loans, you must complete exit counseling when you leave school or drop below half-time enrollment. The purpose of exit counseling is to ensure you understand your student loan obligations and are prepared for repayment.

Contact the Office of Records and Registration

If you are leaving the University due to medical reasons or extenuating circumstances, you may wish to contact the Office of Records and Registration (217/206-6174 or If you are leaving for military or volunteer emergency reasons, please refer to the Leave Policies website.

Contact the Department of Residence Life

If you live in on-campus housing, contact the Department of Residence Life (217/206-6190 or to discuss procedures associated with moving out, as well as cancellation of your housing contract.

Return your Laptop, Books, Equipment, Keys, or Materials on Loan

Library books, lab equipment, keys, and any other University materials must be returned promptly to avoid late fees and/or replacement costs. Capital Scholars Honors Program students must arrange the timely return of their laptop, power supply cord, and Ethernet cord to the Technology Support Center (HSB 110). There is a monthly $100 late return fee for failing to address this return.

Update Your Address and Phone number

We do not want to lose touch with you. Please update your address using Student Self-Service.

Contact the Office of International Student Services (ISS)

International students must contact ISS PRIOR to withdrawing from the University so that SEVIS records can be properly updated. Falling below full-time enrollment without prior authorization is a violation of F-1 status and is considered an unauthorized withdrawal, as opposed to an authorized withdrawal. An unauthorized withdrawal results in an immediate loss of status and requires an immediate departure from the United States. It may also negatively impact a student who wants to return at a later date. An authorized withdrawal allows a student a 15 day grace period within which to depart and has no negative implications for the future. Contact ISS (217/206-6678 or International students should not change their current mailing address to an address outside of the United States without first consulting ISS.

Students who change sections, add, and/or drop, will be charged full tuition and fees for every transaction according to the established deadlines. The date you officially drop/withdraw will impact the amount you owe and/or the amount to be refunded, as well as the grade on your transcript. A course officially dropped after the add/drop period will result in a grade of “W” on your transcript. A failing grade will be assigned and calculated in your grade point average for courses not dropped by the specified deadlines.

Contact the Office of the Records and Registration with Questions Regarding Withdrawing or Coming Back to UIS at phone number (217) 206-6174 or via email at