Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the policies, deadlines, and procedures contained in the online catalog and current Policies and Registration Information booklet. Students may receive credit only for those courses for which they are properly registered and will assume academic and financial responsibility for any course for which they register unless they officially cancel registration according to the established deadlines.

Students receiving financial assistance must contact the Office of Financial Assistance prior to dropping a course or withdrawing from the University to determine the effect on the student’s financial aid award for the semester. Please refer to the online catalog for more information on the consequences of dropping or withdrawing.

All withdrawals from courses must be made using Web Registration (referred to as Student Self-Service). NON-ATTENDANCE OR NON-PAYMENT DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN OFFICIAL WITHDRAWAL. Students who change sections, add, and/or drop, will be charged full tuition and fees for every transaction according to the established deadlines.

The date you officially drop/withdraw will affect the amount you owe and/or the amount to be refunded and may affect the grade on your transcript. A course officially dropped after the add/drop period will have a grade of “W” on the transcript. A failing grade will be assigned and calculated in the grade-point average for courses not dropped by the specified deadlines.

ONLY the individual student may make changes to his/her class schedule.

Please refer to the appropriate semester’s Drop/Withdrawal Policy regarding the financial consequences of dropping or withdrawing.

Important Information Regarding Refunding

ALL UIS COURSES ARE CLASSIFIED INTO FOUR CATEGORIES. All refunds will be based upon these categories (listed below):

  • Full-Term Courses begin prior to the midpoint of the semester and end after the mid-point.
  • Intersession Courses begin prior to the start of the spring semester, but after the end of the prior fall semester.
  • First-Half Courses begin and end by the midpoint of the semester.
  • Last-Half Courses begin and end after the midpoint of the semester.

Any courses that do not fit into the categories above by definition (e.g., courses designated with “To Be Arranged” days/times) are considered to be Full-Term Courses, unless otherwise indicated in the current Policies and Registration Information booklet.

The mid-point of each semester can be found in the Drop/Withdrawal Policy for the appropriate semester.

Other Important Points

  • Academic Integrity: Students are required to know the Academic Integrity Policy and abide by its principles. More information can be found on the Academic Integrity website.
  • Financial Holds: Students who have holds at any University of Illinois campus are responsible for clearing them prior to registration.
  • Identification Card: All cardholders are required to abide by the University Card Terms and Responsibilities. Students are responsible for abiding by card terms and responsibilities, whether they register themselves online or are registered administratively by a Registration staff member.
  • Immunizations: Immunization documents must be submitted by the tenth day of the semester (fifth day of the summer) or a non-refundable fee will be assessed. For additional information visit the Office of Health Services website.
  • Insurance: Student insurance is mandatory unless proof of comparable coverage is provided. Additional information regarding student insurance can be found on the Office of Human Resources website.
  • Parking: All full- and part-time day and night students, as well as faculty and staff must purchase and display a parking hang tag for the vehicle they park on campus. A student may register only his or her own vehicle or that of an immediate family member. For additional information and to access the parking hang tag form online please visit the Office of Parking Operations website.
  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment in higher education is illegal. If it feels like harassment, how do you know for sure? And what are your rights? Visit to learn what constitutes harassment and what you can do about it. To read more about the law and what you should do if you feel you are being subjected to sexual harassment, including sexual advances, visit the website above or For immediate help, call the UIS Access and Equal Opportunity Office at (217) 206-6222 or the Illinois Department of Human Rights at (312) 814-6200 or (217) 785-5100.
  • Tuition/Fees: Please review the tuition/fee information listed on the Records and Registration website.

Please contact the Office of Records and Registration with any questions:

Last Updated 3/15/2024