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Student Insurance

UIS students on campusWelcome. The UIS Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan provides worldwide coverage for our students. Dependents are also eligible for coverage at an additional cost.

Please visit AHPcare.com/UIS to see the brochure for detailed information about the student insurance plan or to look for in-network providers.

UIS Eligibility Guidelines 2013-2014 Academic Year

Summer 2014 Continuing Enrollment Form

Please Note: Students enrolled in only online courses are not eligible for student insurance.

Exemption/Waiver Forms

  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Exemption forms beginning with the Spring 2014 semester will be done online through a website provided by the new Student Insurance provider, Academic HealthPlans.  All UIS students will need to file their enrollment or exemption annually for each plan year that starts with the Fall semester.  If you have had an exemption on file for a previous year or have submitted a paper form for the 2013-14 year, you will still need to complete the online enrollment/exemption process.
  • If you have registered for classes within the last ten days, your log in information may not yet be active.  Please try again in one week.  If you continue to experience difficulty logging in to complete your waiver, contact us.

Online Insurance Waiver Process:

  1. Have insurance card and school ID# (Banner UIN) ready
  2. Use link below for Academic HealthPlans and click “waive online” in the Enrollment column
  3. Enter your Banner UIN as the Student ID information
  4. Enter your birth date as the Password format MMDDYYYY
  5. Click the link below “Submit Waivers”
  6. Waive the student insurance plan by completing the waiver form and submitting your insurance information.
  7. Confirmation of insurance verification will be sent to you by email.

Click here for Academic HealthPlans information and online waiver form.


Exemption Deadlines

Exemption Deadline for Spring Semester: January 25, 2014 recommended

(by February 28, 2014 absolute) 

Exemption Deadline for Summer Semester:  June 15th, 2014 (absolute deadline)


If you have already submitted and received confirmation of exemption from student insurance, you may still receive an insurance card from BlueCross Blue Shield of Illinois in the mail.  Please shred it.  This is just a timing difference and does not mean that you will be charged or guarantee coverage.


Student Health Plan Coverage Dates

  • Spring semester coverage dates: January 10 – May 31 
  • Summer semester coverage dates: June 1 – August 15
  • Fall semester coverage dates: August 16 – January 9


Student Insurance Fee Appeal Procedures (pdf)



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