The UIS Student Insurance Plan is an affordable, high-quality insurance program, designed to meet the needs of our students, with optional coverage available for dependents. The insurance carrier for 2024-2025 is UnitedHealthcare Student Resources.

All Students should visit Academic Health Plans to review the policy. The AHP website can be used to find information about benefits, providers, prescriptions, and more!

The enrollment and waiver system for Fall 2024 is open now. You can enroll or submit a waiver request through the AHP website. The deadline is September 25th.

Below is an outline of the steps in the Student Insurance Process.

  1. Your student account will be assessed the fee for student insurance based on your enrollment status. Enrollment status is determined by your course designation. Some courses may be considered on campus even if you are allowed to participate remotely. If you feel that you have been wrongly assessed the student insurance fee, check your course status to determine if any are designed as on campus. You will need to reach out to the instructor or your advisor to switch courses. Student insurance can't change your course status.
  2. You must either enroll or waive student insurance. Every student taking on campus courses must have health insurance that meets the ACA requirements. International students have some additional insurance requirements. You can check out the requirements on the Waiver page.
  3. Visit the AHP website to complete the enrollment or waiver process. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email from AHP. Your enrollment is transferred to UHCSR for processing. Your waiver information is transferred back to UIS for processing. This process can take several days and up to two weeks.
    1. Your enrollment will be processed by UHCSR, and you will receive a welcome email detailing your next steps. You will need to register with UHCSR.
    2. Your waiver will be processed by UIS, and a waiver will be applied to your student account. This will show as a credit to your student account.
  4. Your enrollment and waiver will be automatically processed for Spring. This ONLY applies to students that successfully completed the process for Fall.
    1. Coverage dates are Fall 8/16-1/9 and Spring 1/10-5/31.
    2. Waivers are valid from the semester approved through the Summer of the same academic year. Waivers must be submitted each academic year.
  5. Summer enrollment is processed separately. You are not automatically enrolled in student insurance for the summer semester based on your Spring semester enrollment. If you are taking on campus summer courses, then you must either enroll or waive (if you have not successfully completed a waiver already in the academic year). If you are not taking on campus courses and you still want insurance coverage during the summer, then you must enroll in coverage directly with AHP.

If you receive an email from stating that your account was assessed the Student Insurance Fee, and did not opt out prior to the deadline, you are enrolled in Student Insurance, and the fee will not be removed.

Note, unless informed otherwise, students who submitted an approved waiver in Fall will have a waiver in place that carries over through Spring and Summer, ending on August 15.

Fully online students are not eligible for Student Insurance and have not been charged the fee. Please check the course designation to determine if your class is online or in-person. If your course is designated as in-person even though you are allowed to participate remotely, you will be assessed the student insurance fee.

Shorelight International students are not eligible for UIS Student Insurance and should email for information about their insurance plan.

Student Health Insurance Coverage Dates and Fees per semester for the 2024-2025 School Year

Fall Semester (August 16th through January 9th) $1124

Spring Semester (January 10th through May 31st):  $1124

Summer Semester (June 1st through August 15th):  $617

Continuation Insurance. You are eligible for continuation insurance if you were enrolled in student insurance for the previous 6 months. You can enroll on the AHP website. Click for the continuation insurance link near the bottom of the page.

Enrollment and Waiver Dates

Fall Semester- 7/15-9/25

Spring Semester- 12/15-2/15

Summer Semester- 5/15-6/30

Dental and Vision Coverage

Students who enrolled in dental or vision coverage may access benefit information on the AHP website.

Additional Information

For additional information including how to get your insurance card, file a claim, and enroll dependents, go to the AHP website.


  1. Why was I charged for student insurance?
    • You were assessed the student insurance fee because you are taking courses designated as on campus. If you feel this is an error, please contact your advisor or the registration office.
  2. How do I apply for a waiver?
    • You must be currently enrolled in active (on or before Aug. 15) health insurance that meets the ACA requirements. There are slightly different requirements for international students. You can check the requirements and apply for a waiver. Your waiver application must be submitted before the deadline to be considered.
  3. When will I get my insurance card?
    • Once you register with UHCSR, you can access your card digitally or you can request a physical card be mailed to your address. You will no longer be automatically sent a physical card.
  4. Why is my doctor's office saying my coverage is not active?
    • You must be eligible for coverage and complete the enrollment process in order to keep active coverage. Your coverage ends if you no longer meet the eligibility requirements. You can qualify for continuation coverage in certain circumstances. Check on continuation requirements and enrollment.
    • Summer coverage is not included (UIS is looking into solutions for summer coverage). You must meet the requirements for summer eligibility and complete the enrollment process. If you are not taking any on campus courses for summer, you may qualify for summer coverage if you were enrolled in insurance during the Spring semester and complete the enrollment process directly with AHP.
    • Once you complete the enrollment process, it still takes time for your insurance to process at AHP and UHCSR. Coverage dates apply regardless of when you complete the enrollment process as long as it in the same semester. If you go to the doctor on 8/20/23, and didn't apply for insurance until 91/23, you would still be covered for your appointment on 8/20/23. However, in that scenario, if you didn't apply for insurance until Spring semester, you would not be covered for your appointment on 8/20/23. Please contact AHP or UHCSR for any coverage questions.
  5. What does "automatically enrolled in student insurance" mean?
    • Automatically enrolled can mean a couple of different things.
      • If you meet eligibility for student insurance, you will be assessed the student insurance fee on your account. At this point, you have the option to waive or enroll.
      • If you don't take any action to enroll or waive, you will be enrolled in student insurance by default for taking no action. This process automatically happens after the enrollment/waiver deadline has passed. Waiting for default enrollment, will increase your wait time in accessing your insurance. If you want insurance, the quickest way to access it is to complete the enrollment process as soon as it opens.
  6. I was assessed the student insurance fee and I want insurance. Do I need to do anything else?
    • Yes. You should complete the enrollment process. If you don't enroll during open enrollment, then you will be enrolled by default, but this will prolong your wait for access to your card and potentially care. You can still access care during this time, but you may receive a bill or be denied medication/services because you don't have your card, or your coverage is not showing as active in the system.
      • The fastest way to access care and your card is to enroll as soon as the system is open.
  7. Why can't I access the AHP system?
    • There can be a few reasons why you can't access the AHP system.
      • You forgot your username and password. Please contact AHP regarding issues with username and password. UIS doesn't manage their website.
      • Your information has not been processed by AHP yet. Student insurance gets eligibility files weekly from the registration office. These files must be vetted, edited, and uploaded to AHP. Then, AHP must complete their processing of the files before your information is available on the website. AHP must have your information on file in order to process either your waiver or enrollment. This process can take a week to be completed.
      • You recently registered for classes and your information has not been processed yet.
      • You already have completed the process in the previous semester.
      • The enrollment and waiver deadlines have passed.
      • Your eligibility changed based on your enrollment status.
  8. Why do I keep getting emails from student insurance?
    • You are receiving emails from student insurance because you need to take action. Student insurance sends out frequent reminder emails to all students that meet the eligibility requirements for student insurance. You must enroll or waive before the deadline. Do NOT ignore the emails unless instructed to do so by student insurance.
    • Your information has not been completed or processed by the time the next emails reminders were sent. You may continue to get reminder emails until your enrollment or waiver processing has been completed. This can take up to two weeks. If you continue to receive emails, this may be an indication that additional action is needed.
  9. Are the patient portal and insurance portal the same thing?
    • No. If you were asked to upload your health insurance information into the patient portal, this is only for student health services. This process is totally separate from the waiver process. You would still need to upload your insurance card into the AHP website for your waiver application.
  10. Why did I get a bill? How do I file a claim?
    • Based on your coverage and/or the status of your enrollment, you may receive a bill for medical services or medication. Please contact AHP or UHCSR for coverage questions. UIS student insurance is not the authority on billing or coverage questions.
    • You may receive a bill for standard charges that are not covered by your insurance plan. A few examples are deductibles, co-pays, and/or out of network charges. You can contact your UHCSR or the provider's billing department to ask questions.
    • You can file a claim to be paid by UHCSR by going to their website or mailing them directly.