Health care is provided to students whether they are full-time or part-time and whether or not they carry the student health insurance. It is up to the student to submit all receipts to their insurance provider for reimbursement. Employees should see their primary care provider off campus.

Services include treatment for minor acute illnesses and injuries, annual women health exams, birth control, allergy injections and required immunizations. Physical examinations are provided for all UIS athletes and for students who are required to have them for work, school, etc.

A wellness resource and self-help area is available in the Health Services (HS) clinic and a supply of over-the-counter remedies is also available along with guidelines and directions for their use.

The HS is supported by student fees (shared with the UIS Counseling Center) university funds and some user fees. There is no charge for visits to the HS although there are some charges for special services. Students are notified at the time of the visit if any charges will be incurred. It is the students responsibility to submit paid receipts for reimbursement to their insurance provider. Because more complex health issues sometimes arise, students are expected to have their own health insurance to cover those types of expenses. Students are responsible for informing the HS staff if their insurance requires the use of specific providers.

PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT please upload the FRONT & BACK of your health Insurance Card in the Patient Portal under the “Insurance” tab after entering card information.

Health Services requires students to upload/submit their current insurance card/information. After your appointment, print a receipt under the “statements” tab to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.

Health Services may submit your health insurance information as needed for third-party billing purposes. Students are responsible for notification of any insurance changes or outstanding balances owed. Health Services will apply any unresolved third-party insurance billing charges/issues to the student’s account.

Patient Health Record

We require anyone who receives service or consultation in the Health Services to complete a Medical History form (becomes available in the Patient Portal after scheduling an appointment) prior to their clinic visit and annually. We ask that you review the information at each visit to the Health Service so that your information remains current throughout your academic career at UIS copies of the form can be found online in the Patient Portal.

All completed Medical History form are reviewed by a Health Care Provider for any medications, allergies, chronic diseases and other health issues so that we may provide the appropriate services. This review takes place before the provider examines the student and prior to each visit.

Services offered by the HS are a valuable resource to the campus and are free or low cost in most instances. When an appointment is not cancelled in a timely fashion, it may cause a serious inconvenience to others who need health care, who are ill or injured and need to be seen as soon as any appointment is available. The no-show fee encourages students to be timely in canceling their appointments and helps to finance the cost of health care provider time that was not utilized because an appointment was not cancelled in a timely fashion.

Student & Staff Eligibility

  • Who is eligible to use Health Services?

The HS provides treatment to all students, full- or part-time, whether or not they have student insurance. Employees should see their primary care providers.

  • Is there a cost to use Health Services?

Students do not pay an office visit fee. Some small user fees are charged for certain services.

Policy for appointments missed without notice

A “no-show” fee of $15.00 is charged to those who do not show up for appointments and for those who cancel appointments less than 24 hours before the appointment time.

Clinical services available

Services provided include treatment for minor illnesses such as colds, allergies, infections, examinations such as annual women health exams, pelvic exams, and minor injuries. Hypertension and diabetic monitoring are also available. For more complicated illnesses, referrals are made to other physicians and agencies through HS.

Over the Counter Remedies & Equipment for Loan

AntacidsCold tabletsDecongestants
AspirinCondoms (click here to request some for a project)Ice bags
Band AidsCrutches (loan)Lozenges

Costs to Students

For your Health Care needs, services are but not limited to:

Lab / Bloodwork
Students Only
Check with your Insurance Provider. These lab charges are automatically billed to your insurance provider from our lab service. Students are responsible for notification of any insurance changes or outstanding balances owed. Health Services will apply any unresolved third-party insurance billing charges/issues to the student’s account.

Any charges will post to your student account as “Health Service”

Procedure/VaccinationFee for Students
Allergy Shots (per semester)$40.00
Blood Glucose (IN CLINIC)$5.00
Depo-Provera (birth control shot)Send to pharmacy
Flu Shot at Flu Clinic FREE– students & employees/retirees with State Benefits/proof of UIN or State ID & State Insurance Card
GENERAL EXAM: Physicals of any type (w/o bloodwork)FREE
Knee Immobilizer$18.00
Norgest-ethinyl/Estradiol ORAL birth control pills$2.00
Mono Test-Rapid (IN CLINIC)$5.00
Nebulizer Treatment-Includes Supplies$20.00
Nebulizer Treatment (meds only)$12.00
Plan B$25.00
SLINGS: Wrist, Elbow, Arm, Ankle$10.00
Strep Test-rapid (in clinic)$8.00
TB Skin Test$15.00
Urinalysis-Dip (IN CLINIC)$5.00
Urine Pregnancy Test (IN CLINIC)$5.00
VS Test (Bacterial Vaginosis)-Rapid (IN CLINIC)$5.00
Wart Treatment$20.00
Women’s Health ExamFREE

More vaccines/services are available that are not listed.

Any Lab work done at Health Service may need additional Lab work completed, separate charges may apply.

Students with the UIS Student Insurance plan should determine if these alternate sources are considered in network. This can be determined using the contact information on the student’s insurance card. Please contact Student Insurance at with any insurance questions.

It is the patient’s responsibility to submit paid receipts to their private insurance provider or the student health insurance.