Student Research in SOA

One of the greatest advantages of majoring in SOA is the opportunity to do research in your field and to develop and practice research and analytical thinking skills that are vital to many 21st century career paths. UIS students in the SOA program have worked on independent and collaborative projects in archaeology, anthropology, and sociology both locally and abroad.

Develop Research Skills in SOA Classes

Social Science Research Methods (SOA 411) is a hands-on learning experience right here on campus. Students develop research and project development skills such as defining research questions, applying social theory to research problems, planning / designing projects, and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. SOA 411 is offered every year in the spring semester.

ECCE: Undergraduate Research (SOA 491): SOA students have the option of designing their own individual or collaborative research project supervised by a faculty member. You will be expected to present some of your preliminary findings either on campus (Student Technology, Arts, and Research Symposium) or at a conference.

Tutorial (SOA 499): A tutorial is a focused independent study sponsored by a faculty member. Talk to your advisor or another faculty member to learn about this option.

Senior Seminar (SOA 410): In the capstone seminar for majors, you will develop and research a topic of your choice and present it to your peers.