Would you like to integrate more individual research projects into your educational experience?

The SOA Honors Track provides students an opportunity to pursue their interests, strengthen their skills, and enhance their resumés by incorporating independent projects into courses they are already taking, as well as 2-4 credit hours of SOA 491 ECCE: Undergraduate Research.

Honors Track students

  • Find an interested core or affiliated SOA faculty member to serve as an Honors Sponsor and provide mentoring, and propose a plan.
  • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.25 and a GPA of 3.6 in the major.
  • Choose two SOA classes they are already taking that they would like to “enhance” by doing independent projects (with the permission and support of the instructors). Projects may take many forms, but always involve a written product. Students may also opt to substitute one “enhanced course” with a study abroad program or by demonstrating competence in a second language.
  • Develop a “closure project” (which may be based on an existing course, including Senior Seminar, or be independent). Students are encouraged to find topics and develop projects that will help them achieve their post-college goals. All closure projects involve a written product.
  • Present their closure project (and any of their enhanced projects)!

For more information on the SOA Honors Track, please talk to any of your SOA instructors, or look at the more detailed information available in the UIS Catalog.