Many SOA students take advantage of the UIS Applied Study Term and Experiential Learning programs — these internships for credit offer a chance to get work experience and apply insights from classwork. SOA majors have been interns for many state agencies, educational institutions, non-profits, and other workplaces in the Springfield area.

SOA majors Holly Brookens and Angie Maranville completed a 10-week internship on the New Philadelphia NSF-REU archaeological project in Pike County through the University of Maryland and the Illinois State Museum.

Holly excavating at New Philadelphia (2006).

Holly Brookens writes: I was amazed at how different going out and doing the real thing was from reading a textbook. I was able to get my hands dirty, literally, and I loved every second of it! I can still remember the first time I used a trowel and the feeling of satisfaction I got digging a perfect square hole! I now feel more confident in my abilities to work with professionals and the tools they use. Ultimately this experience helped me chose archaeology as my concentration within anthropology.

Angela Maranville screening at New Philadelphia, 2006

Angie Maranville writes: My interactions with the other students were the best part . . . .  Working side by side with Maria from Puerto Rico and swapping stories with Jason from Arkansas after a long day’s work made the field school more than just a simple learning experience. Field school became the instrument for these students from afar to transition from being strangers to becoming my friends, and these friendships along with a renewed sense of excitement for archaeology are the greatest legacy of my time spent in the field.

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