Discover Anthropology: A Minor with Global Insights

Unearth the wonders of human culture, society, and history with our Anthropology minor. Dive into the diverse world of anthropology to explore the rich tapestry of human existence and the intricacies of societies past and present.

What to Expect

Our Anthropology minor invites you to embark on a captivating intellectual journey. With a minimum of 15 credit hours, you'll delve into two core courses and at least two elective courses. These courses are not only enlightening but also applicable to your broader educational experience, potentially counting toward ECCE requirements.

Why Choose Anthropology

Anthropology equips you with valuable skills in critical thinking, cultural awareness, and research. Whether you're fascinated by ancient civilizations, modern societies, or the complexities of human behavior, this minor offers a global perspective that enhances your understanding of the world.

Career Opportunities

A minor in Anthropology opens doors to various career paths where cultural sensitivity, research, and interdisciplinary thinking are highly valued. Potential careers include:

  1. Cultural Anthropologist: Study and document diverse cultures.
  2. Museum Curator: Manage cultural and historical exhibits.
  3. Archaeologist: Uncover and analyze ancient civilizations.
  4. Social Researcher: Conduct studies on human behavior and societies.
  5. International Development Specialist: Work on global development projects.
  6. Cultural Resource Manager: Protect cultural heritage in construction projects.
  7. Community Outreach Coordinator: Engage with diverse communities.
  8. Environmental Impact Analyst: Assess human impact on ecosystems.
  9. Educator: Teach anthropology at the secondary or college level.
  10. Cultural Liaison Officer: Bridge gaps between cultures in diplomatic settings.

Join the Anthropological Adventure

Enroll in our Anthropology minor at UIS and embark on a captivating journey through the complexities of human existence. Gain a global perspective, critical skills, and cultural insights that will enrich your personal and professional life.

Explore the world through the lens of anthropology and discover the profound connections that unite all of humanity. Your minor in Anthropology is your passport to understanding the diverse and intricate tapestry of human societies and cultures.