The Office of Engaged Learning facilitates and promotes experiential learning opportunities for students outside of traditional classroom settings. We achieve this through internships, study-away programs, projects, prior learning assessments, and service-learning opportunities. We assist students in finding relevant opportunities, provide resources and support for these experiences, coordinate with faculty and external partners, and help students reflect on and integrate their learning into their academic and career goals.


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Are you looking to gain practical experience in your field? Do you want to experience another culture? Let our OEL Staff help you explore your options in the areas of Study AwayInternships, Projects, Prior Learning Assessment, and Service-Learning opportunities.

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UIS Faculty and Departments may request assistance with developing a national and international travel and educational experience for your students; Visiting Scholars; and coordinating required internships for your program.

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Employers, find interns to work at your organization. Our internship program can assist you in recruiting talented students and facilitating their placement.

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Learning Experiences Outside the Classroom

Discover how engaged learning experiences help students grow personally and prepare professionally. Get engaged in opportunities where students apply knowledge and skills, experiment in various types of environments, interact with diverse individuals, and reflect upon those experiences. Engaged learning academic courses are paired with work-integrated and community-based global learning experiences offered by Internships and Prior Learning, and Study Away Programs, with the intent to prepare students for professional, public service, and culturally diverse endeavors.

Study Away Program

Live, learn, and thrive by discovering exciting and culturally diverse national and international Study Away Experiences, where students engage in global learning activities. Students discover new interests, learn about various topics and cultures, and develop personal attributes and skills employers seek. Experiences vary in length, location, subject matter, and program structure. Don’t let costs deter you, since they are comparable to studying at UIS and financing is available from scholarships, financial aid, and loans.

Internships and Prior Learning Program

With Internships and Prior Learning, students can move beyond the traditional learning space to engage in career-education experiences. Students explore applied, professional, and career-driven opportunities, such as internships, professional projects, and research projects. These work-integrated learning experiences are designed to expand knowledge, develop skills, and enable students to acquire relevant work experience. Service Experiences combine learning and community action goals with enriching reflection opportunities to study social and civic responsibility, develop multicultural understanding, and discover career paths while contributing to the common good. Students can earn credit through Prior Learning Assessment if they demonstrate substantive learning gained from extensive work and training experiences. Potentially, this process can save time toward degree completion and reduce education costs. 

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