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April Newsletter

At the Office of Engaged Learning (OEL), we offer a diverse range or learning opportunities for students. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through study away programs, internships, projects, prior learning assessment, and service-learning experiences. Learn more: Mission, Vision, & Values.

Group of three photos: Study away students in Rome. Internship students at Northern Trust, Service-Learning students doing community service.

Our Services


Accelerate Your Journey. enable students to obtain real-world experience in their area of study. Students earn credit by completing a course concurrently with a field experience: an internship (IPL 300).

Prior Learning Assessment:

Prior Learning gives students an opportunity to earn credit for past college-level learning. Students earn credit by completing an online course (IPL 305 or IPL 501) and developing a portfolio about their experiences.

Academic Projects:

Real-world Immersion. allow for students to do a Project instead of a traditional internship. The project (IPL 301) course is very independent in nature, requiring good organizational skills and attention to self-imposed deadlines. Projects should relate to your major and must be approved by both the student’s department and an IPL Coordinator.


Bridging Academia and Community. Merge coursework with community engagement by collaborating with non-profit agencies. Develop civic responsibility while earning academic credits. These are the two courses provided at UIS for service learning, IPL 202 and IPL 362 courses.

Study Away:

Discover new horizons with the Study Away program. Studying away offers unique experiences for UIS students by allowing them to Immerse themselves in different cultures, perspectives, and academic frameworks. We pride ourselves in allowing UIS Students to engage in global academic initiatives, fostering research, teaching, and cultural exchange. Our study away program provides various types of opportunities, including short-term faculty-led and short-term partner-led programs during summer or winter breaks, participation in the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), exchange programs with partner universities and internship opportunities, and engagement in the National Student Exchange Program (NSE). To learn more about the Study Away program, read the Planning to Study Away blog.

Main Staff

Dr. Jessica Flynn
Director of OEL
(217) 206-8379

Rob Weis
IPL Coordinator
(217) 206-8526

Badria Luteify
Program/Student Advisor
(217) 206-7889

Student Staff

Stanley Zebulon: IPL GA
Dishea Strickland: OEL GA

Gianna Wolanin: OEL Intern
Valeria Mendoza: LLE-SAP
Luis Flores: LLE-IPL

Itzel Manjarrez: LLE-LLE
Fatima Velasco: LLE-LLE

OEL Important Dates

OEL Spring Zoom Open Office Sessions: Monday-Wednesday 10am-11am

Zoom Meeting ID: 863 4493 9763 (Password: oel)

SU24 Internship & Project Priority Application Period: April 1st - May 15th

headshot of Dr. Jonathan GoldberBelle

OEL Monthly Highlight

Jonathan Goldergbelle, the previous Director of the Study Away Program, spent 25 years working for UIS. When Dr. Goldbergbelle first got hired in 1998 for the Office of International Affairs where he focused on international student advising, study abroad, and employment visas for students and staff. UIS at this time was looking to build a Study Away Program and this was something that caught Dr. Goldbergbelle's attention. He previously lived in India and the United Kingdom for a couple of years, so visiting and going abroad was something that fascinated him. Dr. Goldbergbelle was really fascinated in building something from the ground up and developing international connections. In 2019, he began working in the Office of Engaged Learning, where we will eventually retire. Read more about Dr. Jonathan GoldbergBelle. 

We believe that every student should have the opportunity to actively engage in experiential learning, allowing them to transform their ideas into purpose via professional work, research, and service. We are committed to preparing our students for successful careers and helping them become global citizens who can offer meaningful contributions to society. 

Warm regards,

Office of Engaged Learning