Photo of Jonathan GoldbergBelle with student

Dr. Jonathan GoldbergBelle was the Director of Study Away Programs at UIS. Jonathan had been working for the institute for 25 years before he retired in October 2023. At the time when Johnathan began his work at UIS they were looking to build a study abroad program. He had lived in India and traveled the UK for some years prior, so this was something that caught the attention of Dr. GoldbergBelle. He was intrigued with the thought of building something from the ground up and developing international connections. He began his journey at UIS in 1998 at the Office of International Affairs. Under this program were international student advising, study abroad, and employment visas for students and staff. In 2019, he began working at the Office of Engaged Learning, where he will retire.

He stated that working for the institute has allowed personal and professional development. He labeled working with exchange students as the highlight of the job. When asked what was most rewarding about his journey here at UIS, Johnathan spoke about an exchange student from Mexico. The young man had such an amazing experience that he came back to UIS to complete his master’s degree and now lives in Springfield alongside his wife and children.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

Johnathan leaves the institute with no regrets, deeper relationships, and knowing he was able to help internationalize the institution. Although he wishes he could have raised more money and helped more students study away. Johnathan leaves with students and staff, the wisdom and advice to keep an open mind, get a good idea of your skills, research, and have the willingness to think beyond your degree. During his retirement he plans to continue reading, work on different projects, visit with his grandsons, walk, and hopefully vlog his experience bicycling from IL to WI.

Dr. Jonathan GoldbergBelle impacted the university tremendously with his knowledge and creativity. He left a great legacy behind at UIS and his legacy will be continued. We have recently launched a scholarship fund in his honor. This scholarship was created in honor of all that he has done for the university, it will be available to students who would like to study away. Individuals in the community are now able to donate to the GoldbergBelle Global Experience scholarship. You can find the link to donate below.