Students who will be studying away through the Study Away Program will register for one of the courses below.

UNI 460: Global Experience Seminar

Periodically, UIS will offer study abroad seminars organized by UIS faculty and staff through the Global Experience Program. The Global Experience Committee will approve seminars. Seminars will vary in content, location, and length. The UIS faculty member who is organizing the seminar will evaluate student coursework on a graded basis. Standard UIS tuition and fees apply.

UNI 470: Global Experience Exchange Program

Students selected as exchange participants for study at one of UIS’ exchange partners or through NSE member universities will register for UNI 470 for the number of credits they anticipate receiving after completing their program abroad. Students will be charged the standard UIS tuition and university fees.  Students will pay their housing and meal costs to the host institution.

UNI 480: Global Experience Program

UIS provides its students with the option to study abroad at another institution through the Global Experience Program. Students who have been approved to study abroad through another institution or through an ISEP member university will register for UNI 480 for the semester(s) that they will be off-campus. Credit hours will vary and will be dependent on the number of credits taken abroad. Students will not be charged tuition and fees at UIS and will be responsible for paying tuition and fees to the other institution as well as their housing and meal costs.

List of Engaged Learning Courses

Please Note – It is important to consult with Study Away Programs concerning the number of credits to register for for both UNI 470 and UNI 480. The number of credits can be altered during each semester abroad but once each semester has been completed the number of credits cannot be altered.

For  UNI 470 and UNI 480, coursework will be evaluated by the faculty at the host institution. Arrangements should be made to have an official transcript sent to Study Away Programs. The transcript will be evaluated and either credit or no/credit for UNI 470 and 480 will be awarded for the entire number of credits registered. A copy of the transcript will be sent to the Office of Records and Registration for inclusion in the student’s file.

Students who have filed petitions to have coursework used to satisfy departmental/major or university requirements should send a copy of the petition to the Study Away Programs so that the office can assist with the processing of transcripts following the conclusion of the study abroad program.


Students who register and receive a passing grade for UNI 460, 470, or 480, with the exception of students studying away in the USA through NSE, automatically receive ECCE Engagement Experience credit and can petition for ECCE Global Awareness credit.