Global Experience Program to England – Summer

Open to all students including entering first year students.

The University of Illinois at Springfield will be offering a summer course that will include a two week program in Ireland and England (should travel open up) before classes begin in the fall.  We will be using Maynooth University and the University of Hull, both partners of UIS, as our bases, spending about one week in each location.

In Ireland we will study the immigration patterns that lead people from Ireland to travel to the USA and Illinois.  In 1847 1,490 people walked 165 kilometers to Dublin (passing by Maynooth University) in order to escape the great famine.  We will be studying this walk and the impact of the famine on Ireland.  We will travel to Stokestown to the National Famine Museum and also to Dublin to The Irish Emigration Museum.  At Maynooth we will have several lectures on Irish history and culture, including the impact of the large country estates and plantations on migration.

In England, we will travel down to Lincoln to explore Lincoln Cathedral and view a copy of the Magna Carta.  We’ll visit York where Romans and Vikings ruled and the English fought each other during their civil war.  We’ll head up to Whitby where the first work in the English language was written along with Bram Stoker’s Dracula.  The Hogwarts Express train also runs from Whitby to Pickering, a nearby town.  We will visit sites south of Hull from where the Pilgrims began their efforts to pursue religious freedom. In Hull we will study the history of slavery in the British Empire and its eventual abolition by Hull’s native son, William Wilberforce. At the Wilberforce Institute for the Study of Slavery and Emancipation (WISE) we will be exploring contemporary issues related to human trafficking around the world.  While at WISE we will have the opportunity to work with faculty and research scholars on contemporary issues related to human trafficking around the world.  We will also look into the port of Hull’s history in the immigration of Europeans to the USA.

For both the Irish and English portions of the program we will tie into the Sangamon Experience research project at UIS, a portion of which will be developing the stories of immigrants to Springfield and Sangamon County.  As it turns out, one of Lincoln’s neighbors in Springfield immigrated to the USA and eventually Springfield from a small farming community about 30 miles north of the city of Hull.  We will explore that area when we visit Hull.  We will also trace some of Lincoln’s Irish neighbors and Irish coalminers who settled in central Illinois.  Students will be asked to select a historical individual from the 1800s and trace his/her family history.

Tentative Itinerary

Immigration and Human Trafficking

Summer 2022

August travel portion of the course

July 29th, Friday, last day of summer session

July 30th – Depart for Ireland

July 31st – Arrive Dublin, settle in on the Maynooth campus

Aug. 1st – Program on the Maynooth campus

Aug. 2nd – Program on the Maynooth campus and surrounding area (great house or houses)

Aug. 3rd – Excursion to the Famine Museum in western Ireland

Aug. 4th – Day trip to Dublin

Aug. 5th – Student presentations

Aug. 6th – Free day

Aug. 7th – Travel to Hull

Aug. 8th – Program at WISE/U. of Hull

Aug. 9th – Program at WISE/U. of Hull

Aug. 10th – Excursion to Pilgrim Country and Lincoln

Aug. 11th – Excursion to Peter Berriman sites and Whitby

Aug. 12th – Student presentations

Aug. 13th – Free day

Aug. 14th – Travel to USA

Entering first year students will continue their studies into the fall semester where we will follow up on the experiences we’ve had with a more in depth examination of the themes of the travel portion of the program.

All other students will be registering for a summer course and will begin their studies in June.

We are estimating that the out of pocket expense of the program will be $3900.  That will include the international airfare, all travel in England and Ireland, entrance fees, lodging and most meals.  This fee will need to be paid prior to the program’s departure.

The program fee does not include the cost of tuition for the 3-credit course associated with the travel. The tuition charge will be added to the fall billing statement for entering students and the summer for all other students

For more information contact: Study Away Programs at UIS – Brookens 480/2/3 – 217 206 8319