Internships and Prior Learning

The Office of Internships and Prior Learning consists of three programs: Internships, Prior Learning Assessment, and Service-Learning. These programs allow students to pursue experiential and active learning activities away from campus. They may also earn ECCE Engagement credits and fulfill degree program requirements.

  • Internships enable students to obtain real-world experience in their area of study. Students earn credit by completing a course concurrently with a field experience: an internship (IPL 300) or a project (IPL 301), as appropriate.
  • Prior Learning Assessment gives students an opportunity to earn credit for past college-level learning. Students earn credit by completing an online course (IPL 305 or IPL 501) and developing a portfolio about their experiences.
  • Service-Learning courses allow students to engage with the community and develop an understanding of civic responsibility by providing community service to non-profit agencies as part of their coursework.

Study Away

The Study Away program supports experiential learning for UIS students across the United States and around the world. It encompasses three distinct areas: Study Away experiences for UIS students, support for international faculty and staff, including visa and permanent resident applications, and working with faculty, departments, and colleges on international initiatives. Learn more about the Study Away program.

Office of Engaged Learning Experiences

Develop business acumen and skills to acquire relevant work experience.

Learn new perspectives, expand skills, and develop cross-cultural awareness.

Apply knowledge and skills in a professional work or research environment.

Study social/civic responsibility and integrate learnings into community action.

Create reflective portfolio of learnings gained from extensive work/training.