UIS is partnering with Global Brigades for a virtual community service project in several locations around the world. 


For the fall 2022 semester, the project will include working with a community in Honduras.  UIS students will be engaged with a community contact and community association in the project location and will work with them in the areas of health care and education. 

  • Initial focus is on undergrad students.
  • Qualifies as ECCE engaged experience /elective (undergraduate students) or general elective requirement.
  • Learn more about Global Brigades.


  • Students will gain transferable professional skills in community development, service, organization and fund raising.  
  • A virtual international experience.
  • Global Brigades experience hopes to expand to include a study travel program when travel opens up fully. 
  • An enhanced resume setting you apart from others.

Related Course(s)

Requirements/ Prerequisites

  • Prerequisites vary by academic major but typically require completion of at least 3 core courses.
  • Must be related to field of study.

Finding Opportunities

  • Independent student search/created project.
  • Request OEL personalized assistance to search/locate projects.

How to apply/ register

  • Complete project course application before start of semester once project has been defined.