CareerConnect Powered by Handshake

A list of positions can be accessed by logging into CareerConnect (Powered by Handshake). First-time users will need to follow the login steps provided on the CareerConnect instruction page.

Academic Internships/Projects

Students can find a list of potential academic internships/projects in CareerConnect. The list is filtered by vetted internships and projects for academic credit.

Additional Resources

Students may find additional internship opportunities and career sources on our website. They may also want to Search for Internships using additional strategies.

Be mindful that you should identify potential positions that are affiliated with your degree program, but that there is often overlap within fields. Consult with IPL.

Before applying for ANY internship, make sure you have prepared professional application materials (consider utilizing SkillsFirst through the UIS Career Development Center) and correspond using email etiquette.

Contact our office if you have questions about contacting an employer or would like advice during your search process.